Returning for the 2nd part of the double round robin, teams from C and D will have their fates decided today. Teams who finish first or second of their groups will advance to the next stage and sadly the others will be sent packing, taking no more part of the tournament. Let’s find out which team has what it takes to challenge for a spot for the main Group Stage.

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The six-team competing in the first round of the event are: C9 (Cloud 9), DFM(DetonatioN), GRX(G-Rex), GMB(Gambit), KLG(Kaos Latin Gamers), KBM(KaBuM)

Results Of Group C

KBM (Winner) Vs DFM
KBM Vs C9 (Winner)
C9 (Winner) Vs DFM

KBM kicks off with the first match of the 2nd part of the round robin, are they able to turn around their disappointing start we saw on day one? KBM seemed to change back to their tactics they were familiar with and defeated DFM to hang on and remain in the tournament. They will need to wait impatiently for the results of the final match on day three between C9 and DFM.

C9 one of the tournament’s favourites only need to win one of their matches to secure a place in the next round knockout stages. C9 sailed passed KBM and automatically qualified for the next round and into the knockout stages. DFM will have to pull out all the stops defeat C9 to clinch second place, failure to do so will cause a tie-break game with KBM.

KBM breathes a sigh of relief as DFM could not defeat C9 who takes top spot undefeated.

Tie-Break Match KBM Vs DFM

DFM broke their losing streak by defeating KBM and sending them out of the tournament whilst creating a history of their own. No Japanese team has ever reached further than the Play-In group stage. Congratulations to DFM.

Results Of Group D

GRX (Winner) Vs GMB
KLG Vs GMB (Winner)
KLG Vs  GRX (Winner)

With GRX winning both of their game on day one they are in a strong position to see through the games they face today and reach the knockout stages. Group favourites easily shrugged off GMB and KLG to claim the top spot of group C.

KLG had a tough battle ahead of them as they lost both of their openings games. Unfortunately, GMB fought off KLG which saw them reach 2nd place and sent KLG home out of the tournament.

Players Of The Day

League Of Legends Worlds 2018 Play Ins Day 3 Players Of The Day

Day 4 of the tournament will start at 18:00pm (KST Korea Standard Time) equivalent to  UTC(Coordinated Universal Time) +9 where we will see the return of teams from group A and B competing in the second part of the double round robin.