Today we have the last games of the double round robin stage where will see who will come out on top from groups A and B on Day 4 of the LoL Worlds 2018 Play-Ins. Find out which teams have made it through to the knockout stages in the latest round of results.

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Teams that are competing in today’s matchup are EDG (Edward Gaming), INF (Infinity Esports), G2 (G2 Esports), SUP (SuperMassive), ASC (Ascension Gaming), DW (Dire Wolves).

Lol Worlds 2018 Play-Ins: Day 4 Results And Standings From Group A

INF (Winner) VS EDG
INF (Winner) Vs DW
EDG (Winner) Vs DW

INF came into the worlds 2018 tournament facing problems with Visa that caused them to arrive at LoL Park late. Jet Lagged from their trip Infinity Gaming had more misery bestowed upon them by a losing both games of their opening matches. Completely rested, are INF able to make a comeback and keep their hopes of advancing through to the knock stages alive?

The first match was against EDG who themselves was coming into day four of the Worlds 2018 winning both of their games. However, INF dug deep and caused an upset when they defeated EDG remaining, for now, in the tournament.

The last game is set for a triple tie in if Dire Wolves manage to beat EDG. Failing to beat EDG it will see EDG claim top spot with INF making a sensational comeback to claim the second spot.

The next game of INF we saw more of the confidence radiating through them with INF getting a Penta at the end to secure their second win.

The final showdown to see if a triple tie-break will happen was over in a flash. EDG upped their game and crucified DW who struggle to do anything in the game. Edward Gaming sits at the top of the group, eliminating Dire Wolves who goes home sitting at the bottom of the table. Infinity eSports picks up the second spot for their remarkable comeback.

SUP Vs G2 (Winner)
SUP (Winner) Vs ASC
G2(Winner) Vs ASC

Lol Worlds 2018 Play-Ins: Day 4 Results And Standings From Group B

SuperMassive enters part 2 of the double round-robin needing a win against Ascension Gaming to secure a place in the knockout stage. However, they lost their opening match to G2 piling a bit of pressure for themselves.

The following match on day 4 saw SUP face ACS with ASC knowingly they are the ones to determine their own fate if they manage to win both of their games, so everything was riding on this game for both teams. As an outside view, G2 knew if SUP defeats ASC they too will head into the next round.

Victory went to SuperMassive knocking out ASC who finished bottom of their group. Last game for group B saw G2 beat ASC further dampening the spirit of ASC. With a G2 win, both G2 and SUP finished joint top that has resulted in a tie-break match to find out which team will finish at the top at the end of the double round-robin stage.

Who will reign supreme in the final game of the play-ins group stage?

Similar to EDG and DW game, the match was very one-sided. It took SUP 20 minutes to secure their first kill, by this time G2 already had six kills. Moments later a team fight broke out in which it looked like SUP was going to turn this match around. Unfortunately for SUP the gold deficit really showed with mistakes by G2 they still manage to turn the team fight around. Shortly after winning the team fight, G2 Secured Baron and steamrolled into the base to claim victory and take first seed of group B.

Players Of The Day

League Of Legends Worlds 2018 Play Ins Day 4 Players Of The Match