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LoL Worlds 2018 Play-Ins Knockout Draw Results

Find Which Team Will Face Each Other In The Knockout Stages Of Worlds 2018 Play-in

The last match of the LoL Worlds 2018 Play-In group stage was played today, seeing twelve teams going head to head to qualify for the knockout stages. The teams that qualified for the next round will be entered into the LoL Worlds 2018 Play-Ins Knockout Draw.

How It Happened

Each team has been drawn into four groups with three teams in each group. With the group now consisting of the three teams, they must take part in the double round-robin.

The double round robin is where each team plays each other twice but is split over two days. Teams will play the remaining two teams within their group on one day, have a day break and then play each other again the following day. Each team is then marked for a win or lose when their match has finished.

All marks then added up at the end of the double round robin and out of the 3 teams, two of teams that manage to get the most wins will be put into another draw to see who they will face in a best of 5 knockout round. If two teams match the same number of wins, then a tie-break game is played between the two teams. The winner will score the extra win.[

The twelve teams that participated in the Play-in Stage are:-

EDG (Edward Gaming), INF (Infinity Esports), G2 (G2 Esports), SUP (SuperMassive), ASC (Ascension Gaming), DW (Dire Wolves), C9 (Cloud 9), DFM(DetonatioN), GRX(G-Rex), GMB(Gambit), KLG(Kaos Latin Gamers) and last team KBM(KaBuM)

Groups A and B Results And Standings

Groups C and D Results And Standings

Shortly after the final match that concluded the Play-In group stage, all remaining teams were placed in a draw and one by one where each team fate was decided.

The remaining teams that are through to the knockout stages are:-

EDG (Edward Gaming), INF (Infinity Esports), G2 (G2 Esports), SUP (SuperMassive), C9 (Cloud 9), DFM(DetonatioN), GRX(G-Rex), GMB(Gambit)

LoL Worlds 2018 Play-Ins Knockout Draw Results

League Of Legends Worlds 2018 Play In Knockout Stage Draw

C9 Vs GMB and EDG Vs DFM will both battle it out on October 6th in a best of 5 matchups. G2 Vs INF and GRX Vs SUP will find out on October 7th to see if they have what it takes to defeat their opponents.

Over the two days, we will have our four winners. The teams that win their best of 5 matchups will then enter the main Group Stage filling out the last members of the Group Stage groups.

The Group Stage will commence on the 10th of October.

Scheduling of the Worlds 2018 Tournament

Which team do you think will be will make the main Group Stage?


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