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Look Back at Fortnite Season 6 Darkness Rises

A glimpse back at everything that happened in Fortnite Season 6

Fortnite Season 6 will come to an end in just under three days time. So much craziness has transpired this season that you’ll be forgiven if you can’t recall everything that’s happened throughout the entire season. Season 6 started on September 27th, 2018, to tell the next chapter in the story, following on from season 5’s Worlds Collide. Over the course of 10 weeks, we’ve had The Cube activities, Fortnitemares event, Halloween, New Leaky Lake and more.

As we lead into Fortnite season 7, and with a giant iceberg imminent, let’s take a look back at everything that’s happened throughout Fortnite Battle Royale season 6. We’ll cover the Cube, Halloween, map changes, all the new LTMs introduced during season 6 plus the movements of Durrr Burger and Pizza Pit.

Season 6 Darkness Rises – Teasers

Before season 6 started Epic Games teased Fortnite fans around the world by tweeting an image every day for three days before season 6 started.

Fortnite Season 6 Teasers
Fortnite Season 6 Teasers – Fortnite | Epic Games

The three images show, which we now know to be three skins from the season 6 Battle Pass. At the time of their release, many theories started to emerge from evil people spawning out from the Cube to even more volcano talk. Epic Games continue to do a great job in building hype between storylines.

There’s no better place to start our look back through season 6, then with the Cube’s story.

Fortnite Season 6 – The Big Bang

Erupting from beneath the house in the middle of Loot Lake, the Cube revealed itself once more and shot its way high into the air containing the small island with it. Now that’s how you kick off a new season!

The hole left in the middle of the lake had now become a vortex, running nearby would elevate you into the air and towards the floating Cube. Elsewhere on the map, the rune areas left behind by the Cube in season 5 had grown larger with new items surrounding them. At each Corrupted area, you were able to find, shadow stones and chest spawns. Consuming Shadow Stones will turn your character into a shadowy figure, standing stationary would make you completely invisible to enemies.

Shadow Stones
Shadow Stones – Fortnite | Epic Games

A few weeks passed with no activity from the Cube until it randomly started moving, the attached island along with it! The Cube started to move towards one of the runes, upon arrival the Cube proceeds to lift the rune into the air and absorbs its power. Once the cube had finished absorbing from the rune, the rune was placed back onto the ground leaving an intense beam of light shooting from the rune into the sky.

Cube Absorbing rune's power
The Cube Absorbing the Rune’s Power – Fortnite | Epic Games

The Cube continues moving onto the other runes. Each time the Cube absorbs the power of the runes, the Cube grows relatively more. Spreading into the island above.

Once the Cube reaches the final rune, all the other runes rise up again and start to move towards the Cube. Just like before the Cube starts to drain all runes, this time all at once. With the runes fully drained they fall to the ground, lifeless. Sufficiently completing its task, The Cube heads back to Leaky Lake. Now back in place, the Purple Cube starts to draw even more power from the vortex below. This causes a portal to open up above the Cube’s current locations, which starts to grow rapidly

Runes Moving to Cube Fortnite Season 6
All runes moving towards the Cube – Fortnite | Epic Games

After a few days, the Cube cracks free from the linked island, shattering the island into three fragments. 

Cube Breaks Island
Cube Breaks Island Into Three Fragments – Fortnite
| Epic Games

Slowly over the next few days, the Cube starts showing signs of weakness. Cracks started to appear which got worse every day until the outer shell starts to fall away from the Cube. The insides of the Cube begin leaking out into the waters below.

Cube Cracking
Cube starting to crack Fortnite Season 6 – Credit: Epic Games

Then… The Big Bang

Kevin the Cube underwent his final days. Players were treated by Epic Games with an in-game real-time event. The event was to witness the Cube exploding first hand. On November 4th, the Cube began to spin faster, and faster. Glowing brighter the faster it got until it was completely white. At that moment it happened, the Cube exploded teleporting all players to an unknown dimension.

Cube explodes
Cube glowing white before exploding – Fortnite | Epic Games

This dimension was strange, scary, but I’d say overall peaceful. The stay in this new dimension was cut abruptly when a butterfly rift landed on our character’s fingertips, teleporting us back to the Fortnite world. Freshly forced out of the unknown location, we were greeted with the pristine looking Leaky Lake.

Butterfly Rift
Butterfly Rift Takes Players Back to Fortnite – Credit: Epic Games

Will there be more to Kevin’s story in season 7 and beyond?

Fortnite Season 6 Fortnitemares Event

In deep connection to the Cube, season 6 held host to one of the most tremendous events in Fortnite’s history. When the Cube cracked free from the island it was once attached too, things started to get a whole lot scarier in Fortnite. The explosion brought with it Cube Monsters and Cube Fragments. The map was now currently plagued with fragments that spawned Cube Fiends, silently roaming the map was no longer an option! The Fortnitemares event came with fresh skins, Six shooter Weapon, and the Fiend Hunter Crossbow.

There were 4 days of challenges to complete during the Fortnitemares event. Completing them granted you cosmetics that precisely matched the Fortnitemares Deadfire skin.

Fortnitemares Event
Fortnitemares Event Season 6 – Fortnite | Epic Games

Fortnitemares ended the moment the cube exploded.

Restaurants at War – Durrr Burger and Pizza Pit Locations

Is this Fortnite’s most considerable rivalry ever? The story of Durrr Burger vs Pizza Pit has been ongoing throughout season 6. With no winner as of yet, we can assume someone will be crowned victor in the season 7 trailer or sometime in the new season

Here‘s everything that’s happened during season 6:

  • Pizza Pit returns to his former home tomato temple, however, no longer a largely established restaurant. Pizza Pit is now on wheels!
  • The Pizza Pit food truck shows up in Greasy Grove, just outside the Durrr Burger restaurant.
  • Durrr Burger restaurant is suspiciously closed down.
  • Durrr Burger does not go without a fight and returns with a food truck of his own, right next to the Pizza Pit truck in Greasy Grove.
  • Trying to capitalize on the popularity of the new NFL pitch, Durrr Burger and Pizza Pit head to the games.
  • Presumably, the games are finished as Durrr Burger and Pizza Pit commit their way to Pleasant Park.
  • We’re unsure what ghost prefer, pizza or burgers but I guess the two former restaurants wanted to find out as they head to Haunted Hills.
  • It’s race day as the two food trucks hang out at the Racetrack near Junk Junction.
  • They subsequently made their way to the motel, hoping to save the guests from the terrible food being served at the Motel.
  • Now it’s off to the golf course as Durrr Burger and Pizza Pit stop in Lazy Links.
    All this roaming around the Fortnite map delivering fast food can be tiring. Time to Netflix and chill at Risky Reels.
  • A familiar territory for one of our restaurants, Pizza Pit and Durrr Burger Stop by Tomato Temple.
  • Present day – Situated outside Dusty Diner, is this the next restaurant to fall?
  • Read More –Durrr Burger’s Revenge: Fortnite Comic
Durrr Burger and Pizza Pit Location
Durrr Burger and Pizza Pit Locations – Fortnite | Epic Games

Season 6 Map Changes

Initial Changes

Haunted Castle

Haunted Castle
Haunted Castle – Fortnite | Epic Games

Loot Lake ripped open by the Cube.

Loot Lake Floating Island
Loot Lake Map changes Season 6 – Fortnite | Epic Games

Wailing Woods obtained multiple new Cabins and a secret lab in the center of the maze.

Wailing Woods Secret Lab
Wailing Woods Secret Lab – Fortnite Z Epic Games

Overgrown Corn Fields at Fatal Fields

Overgrown Corn Field Fatal Fields
Overgorwn Corn Fields in Fatal Fields – Fortnite | Epic Games

Villain Lair and Mansion Starting to decay

Villain's Lair
Villain’s Lair – Fortnite | Epic Games

Halloween Store,  Boo!

Hey Boo Store Retail - Fortnite
Boo! Halloween Store – Fortnite | Epic Games

Changes that occurred throughout the season

  • Halloween decorations start appearing all over the map.
  • Ghost decorations start to appear, with Tilted Towers covered more than anywhere.
  • Fatal fields underwent a scary makeover and turned into a Halloween theme park featuring three haunted houses and a field maze.
  • Loot lake renamed to Leaky Lake.
  • The miserable building in Tilted Towers is unsalvagable, as a demolition team moves in to level the cursed building.
  • After the Cube’s demise, the Corrupted areas start to become overgrown with grass and flowers.
  • Soccer pitch of Pleasant Park is turned into an NFL pitch.
  • Portals appear in wailing woods secret bucker that leads to other cabins in wailing woods.
  • An enormous iceberg with a castle upon can be seen on the horizon behind Flush Factory
  • Read More – All Halloween Map Changes

Fortnite Season 6 LTMs

Disco Domination

Objective: Disco floors spawn around the map. The goal is to take over the dance floor by eliminating any enemies around the floor. Then dance to raise the disco ball into the air. Once the disco ball reaches the top your team will own this floor. By owning a dance floor your “dance bar” will go up. The first team to fill their bar wins.

The game mode has respawns and uses the same loot and resource system as 50v50 LTM but with common weapons removed.

Team Terror

Objective: Two teams of 32 players battle it out, wipe out the entire enemy team to win. You’re not only joined by an opposing team in this LTM, but Cube Fragments are also spawned around the map, releasing Cube monsters into the fray.

Monsters can drop weapons and ammo once they die. Gold monsters will drop legendary items. Farming resources increased by 75% with extra floor loot.

Food Fight

Objective: Durrr Burger versus Pizza Pit. The game mode starts out with two teams, each on one side of the map. The map has a substantial barrier that runs down the middle of the two teams. Once the barrier drops you must race to kill the opposing team’s mascot. Players must equally defend their own mascot from coming to any harm. If the mascot head is destroyed, that team loses the match.

Special red Supply Drops spawn at the start of the match. There are no explosive weapons in this game mode.

Wild West

Object: Eliminate every player to earn a Victory Royale. Only weapons from frontier times are available like Hunting Rifles, Six Shooter, and Dynamite.

Season 6 Battle Pass New Items

The beginning of season 6 introduced two new items to the Fortnite Battle Pass, Pets and Music. The new pets take up a Back Bling slot and just like other cosmetics offer no added bonuses for your character in the game. Music tracks that you can unlock with the Battle Pass can be set as your lobby screen music to spice things up a bit before entering a game.

That’s it. What a season! Epic Games have done a fantastic job at pushing the story along with enough meaningful content, not to mention the great number of skins they manage to produce weekly. So has Fortnite Season 6 surpassed your expectations, or has it disappointed you? Let us know what’s been your most memorable moment and what you would like to see from Fortnite Season 7.


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