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Lucian Wife Senna Breaks Free From Thresh Lantern And Revealed As LoL Newest Champion

Riot Games has finally finished toying with their fans with many speculating a new champion is coming; Senna is unveiled

For the past few days, Riot Games have been sharing small bits of information on a feud between Lucian and Thresh. A new story featuring the two Champions, made its way on to League Of Legends Universe titled Homebound. Uncovering the events that leads Lucian and Thresh to cross paths.

Homebound Lol Universe
Homebound Lol Universe

Riot Games continued teasing by releasing a small teaser, Senna: Dark Passage Champion Teaser.

Who is Senna?

From the footage shown above, you can assume it is someone close to Lucian. Reading the new short story ‘Homebound’ you begin to realise Senna is…in fact, Lucian wife.

Thresh has Senna soul trapped inside his green lantern. And every time Lucian gets close to Thresh; he feels her soul reaching out to him. Adrenaline flows through Lucian and the great duel erupts.

Thresh has almost beaten Lucian as his chains “Death Sentence” is wrapped around his neck. Using a piece of his broken weapon, Lucian pierces the Lantern and a wave of souls start pouring out. One soul Lucian instantly recognises as his wife, Senna.

Check out the full animation trailer below

What role will Senna take up?

Senna weapon is shown in the footage, a large gun that fires large projectiles that creates a barrier on impact. As soon as Lucian gets hit with the blast, a golden barrier surrounds him, protecting him from Thresh Death Sentence. Our assumption is she will be a support champion, similar to champions Xayah and Rakan.

Whilst the champions can play well with others, the synergy is unparalleled to when they are paired together.

We should receive details on the Senna shortly, so stay tuned.

In the meantime, you can check out some stills from the animated trailer.


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