Fortnite’s large v7.10 Update has naturally been met with tons of discovered leaks that we can expect in the future. Many of the leaked cosmetics are bundles that we’ve never seen until now, however, in the collection we found additional cosmetic for older skins. Dataminers have once again been hard at work digging through the game files and have uncovered the completed collection for the Merry Marauder Skin.

Last year the Merry Marauder Skin was released with just a skin, this year it seems not only is the skin itself receiving an update, but we will also so a Pickaxe, Glider, and Back Bling. Merry Marauder is one of Fortnite most iconic skins introduced to the game so we can naturally expect many fans to be mightily pleased with the new additions.

To begin with, let’s go over the skins changes. The basic Merry Marauder skin featured a gingerbread man costume with a broad grin on his face. The Updated Skin will now come with selectable styles. You’ll acquire the option to have a smile or frown not only that but you can voluntarily choose a more ‘burn’ version of the skin.

Merry Marauder Skin Selectable Styles

Merry Marauder Skin
Merry Marauder Skin – Fortnite | Epic Games
Burnt Merry Marauder
Burnt Merry Marauder – Fortnite | Epic Games

How to get the Burnt Merry Marauder Skin?

The new selectable styles have been released alongside Fortnite Patch v7.10. If you previously owned the skin then the new styles should already be available to you. If you do not own the skin then you’ll have to wait for it’s return. That being said it’s not guaranteed that the burnt version will be available to new buyers.

Complementing the selectable style, we’ll also be receiving two gingerbread Back Blings. The Mini Marauder Back Bling comes with both a cheerful face and a Frowning Face variant.

Mini Marauder
Mini Marauder Back bling, Happy Face – Fortnite | Epic Games
Mini Marauder
Mini Marauder Back Bling, Sad Face – Fortnite | Epic Games

The collection does not stop there as further leaks show a festive ginger glider called appropriately Gingersled. The Glider is made out of gingerbread with icing and gummy treats all over. You can equally see two little gingerbread men attached to the back of the glider.

Gingersled Glider
Merry Marauder Glider: Gingersled Glider – Fortnite | Epic Games

How is an innocent Gingerbread man expected to survive in such harsh conditions without a weapon? Well, this is no longer an issue with the new Cookie Cutter Pickaxe. The Merry Marauder Pickaxe is a gingerbread man cutout attached to a candy cane.

Cookie Cutter Pickaxe
Merry Marauder pickaxe: Cookie Cutter Pickaxe – Fortnite | Epic Games

We are not sure how this next cosmetic fits in with the Merry Marauder skin as already leaked above are two Back Blings, however, we can also expect a Merry Munchkin to make an appearance this year. We believe it to be a gingerbread pet which would make three choices of Back Blings to choose from!

Merry Munchkin
Merry Munchkin Pet – Fortnite | Epic Games

Note the burnt version seems to be rolled out with the update to all those that owned the skin prior the rest of these are leaks and there’s a chance they might not make it into the game.

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