Experience the latest update in MKMobile 2.0 with a whole new makeover. New maps, menu, quests and three Mortal Kombat 11 Characters, Jade, Raiden and Scorpion

MKMobile 2.0 is the biggest update yet with the biggest news that it will feature MK11 characters. You will be able to add Scorpion, Jade and Raiden to your kollection by completing special trial challenges. In addition, the menu has undergone major changes with a fresh new look and new maps to unlock. In light of the new MK 11 characters, there is a limited-time Mortal Kombat 11 pack available with more packs on the way.

Mortal Kombat Mobile

Mortal Kombat Mobile 2 Update Raiden Jade Scorpion
Raiden Scorpion and Jade – Mortal Kombat Mobile | NetherRealm

Mortal Kombat Mobile features over 130+ MK fighters bringing its trademark Fatalities to mobile. The mobile game allows you to challenge in a brutal 3v3 Kombat, fight online, personalize your characters, fight against bosses and of course perform Fatalities.

To unlock characters in the game you must kollect koins and souls and exchanged them at the shop. However, to unlock the Jade and Raiden MK 11 characters you need to complete special trial challenges. Scorpion is unlocked through multiplayer rewards by climbing the Faction Wars.

A new NetherRealm map has been added but you first must complete all Outworld realm quest before you can unlock the map. Once you have unlocked the NetherRealm there will be more quests for you to complete, to gain more rewards to unlock more fighters.

The update also focuses on Gold Tier fighters giving them updated passives, stats increase, etc. With their new updates, the 23 existing Gold Tier characters have now moved to the Diamond Tier. If you own any the Gold Tier fighters, you will automatically receive the changes.

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*Apple Users – please be aware 32-bit devices, including iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, and 4th Generation iPads are no longer supported. If these changes affect you, please consider saving your progress by linking to your WB Play (WBID) account so you can access it from another device