Riot Games prepares to unveil a new civilization hidden from the rest of the world. Plus, a new arrival coming to League Of Legends

A new champion has been teased by Riot Games during their Champion Roadmap discussion. An AD assassin living deep in the jungle of Runeterra that is hidden from the world. Using their surroundings to mask their location from others, the new faction is ready to reveal itself. Get ready as a new civilization emerges.

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Little is known at this point regarding League of Legends newest champion other than the fact is the champion is an AD assassin with powers and prefers to go solo. Due to the champions powers, they will be able to use their surroundings in unique ways that we have not seen before.

There are two solo positions within League of Legends which is top lane and jungle, but as the new champion is surrounded by the jungle we presume the AD Assassin role will be as a jungler. With possible abilities to allow the champion to blend into the walls or even set traps within the bushes/walls. Now that would be spectacular.

The wild theory is inspired by a small description of the new civilization.

Trespassers beware and stay away from the walls, for nowhere is safe when you enter deep into these jungles

REAV3 – Riot Games Lead Producer of Champions

We will have to wait and see until more details unfold of Runeterra newest civilization.