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New Burst SMG and New Mine Theme Galleries Now Available In Fortnite

A new weapon is introduced in Fortnite v.9.10 content update patch that offers small bursts of light ammunition. Plus, creative users can now have access to more galleries for your creative design

Fortnite Content patch v9.10 is now live. A relatively small patch that introduces a Burst SMG for those close quarters encounters, some new galleries, rotation of LTM’s and the all-important bug fixes and performance tweaking.

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Usually, content patches require no downtime but PC users have noticed performance/FPS issues so they will need to download a small client update to address the issues.

Fortnite Burst SMG

The new Burst SMG will be available Common, Uncommon and Rare rarities and fires a 4 round small burst of light ammunition. Magazines for the new weapon holds 24 rounds before you need to reload and can be found in the familiar places from Chest, Floor Loot and Vending Machines. See the weapon in action from a small clip below.

LTM Rotations

The only change to the LTM rotation is that Solid Gold returns for Duo replacing Sniper Shootout Duos. With only legendary weapons available in the Solid Gold game mode, it’s a dog fight to the finish. Unvaulted Squads and Close Encounters Squads remain in the rotation.

Mine Galleries, Ground Galleries and More

Mine Galleries, Ground Galleries and more in patch v9.10
New Mine Galleries, Ground Galleries, Ring Gallery B and more – Fortnite Creative

Four new Ground floor galleries are now available in Fortnite Creative mode, Worn Grass, Grass, Sand and Snow grounds.

There are also new sets of colored rings, a Prop Door Gallery that enables you to place doors anywhere you like and a Variant Wall Gallery to give creative users more customization options.

Lastly, users can now create their own mines with the mine theme galleries.


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