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New Champion For LoL Teamfight Tactics Teased

Did Someone Call Upon A Magician?

TFT is set to receive its first new champion for the popular game mode

Riot Games Riot Wittrock has sent the fans in a frenzy when the set designer for Teamfight Tactics teased a cryptic image of a new arrival coming to Teamfight Tactics (TFT), Champion #51. The image shows a zoomed in section of the teased champion, carefully not to reveal too much.

However, determined users searched through all of the potential champions and have identified the mystery champion. It is your favourite magician, Twisted Fate!

League Of Legends has over 130+ champions in its roster but its newest game mode TFT only has 50 champions. This is due to the game mode currently being in its beta phase that offers a brand new gaming experience within the LoL Universe.

All available champions in TFT belong to a faction called Origins and part of a class, a skill trait that a champion is accomplished in. Each Origin and Classes provide unique abilities and buffs to a champion. Teaming up champion that resides in the same class or origin can offer a more potent version of their abilities.

TFT Twisted Fate

Twisted Fate TFT Pirate Lol
Cutpurse Twisted Fate

One user has managed to find the full image where the teaser image comes from. It is Cutpurse Twisted Fate and Cutthroat Graves Splash Art of their Pirate skin. Two champions are visible within the image but as Graves is already part of the TFT roster it only leaves Twisted Fate.

While the champion is identified, it has almost certainly revealed the Twisted Fate Origin in TFT due to the image being part of the Pirate skin. Graves is from the Origin Pirate and Twisted Fate is set to join him and his fellow Pirates.

The benefit of having a pirate on your team is that if you have 3 or Pirates on the field of TFT, players will earn up to 4 additional gold after each round against an opponent.

It is not yet known what class Twisted Fate will belong too, but a Sorcerer is a fitting choice. Several users suspect Twisted Fate ultimate skill will be Twisted Fate Red Card. Where he throws a red card that creates an AOE (Area of Effect) explosion, damaging all adjacent champions within the area.


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