Lol PBE 8.20 has been updated which includes a brand new Ezreal Login Intro revealing his new updated Pulsefire skin. The Pulsefire skin needed to be updated due to the character having a visual makeover along with new animations and interactions. You can check out more on the new visual update here.

The user will be able to see the new intro right before they log into the client.

Ezral Login Intro

Below is the video of the new Ezreal login intro you can check out from League of Legends YouTube.

Ezreal Emotes

Infernal Amumu Splash Art

The Infernal Amumu skin has already been out on PBE 8.20 for a few days now but what was missing was the Infernal Amumu splash art. This was noticeable when you selected the Infernal Skin, there was no splash art associated with it, instead, a blank background was in its place.

With the new update to PBE 8.20 we can finally see the new Infernal Amumu splash art.

League Of Legends Infernal Amumu Splash Art

Amumu loading was also absent when you entered a game. You were presented with the default loading background image for Amumu.

You can check out the skin in action here.