Real Madrid is a very successful soccer(football) team that participates in La Liga (Spanish League). Their recent accolade is winning the champion league back to back 3 years in a row. They also had arguably one of the best players of this generation, Cristiano Ronaldo who is known all around the world. With stature like this, you can see why Real Madrid are ready to expand and revamp their iconic stadium

The stadium first opened in 1947 and has the capacity of 81.044, at the time these numbers were impressive.

With the sport growing increasingly popular and there is a huge demand for it, you can see why Real Madrid want to expand and renovate their stadium.

After all, Barcelona is their biggest rivals and boasts 99,354 capacity stadium.

Bernabéu Stadium Built In 1947

With the help of technology, owners of these stadiums are thinking bigger and more creative, at the end of the day, these are business people and they are looking to expand and make their business grow. Instead of thinking of a stadium is just a stadium, they are thinking outside the box to see what else can they use the stadium for.

Check out the video to see early stages of plans and designs of the new stadium. If you are only interested in the Esports arena go to 2 minutes 14 seconds of the video.

Over the past few years, we are seeing stadium incorporating a variety of techniques in which they can use the stadium.

For example, Tottenham Hotspur (English Football team) is about a month away of opening their new stadium which has a retractable football pitch. This is so when the football pitch is not in use it can play host to NFL. It also boasts one of Europe biggest bars which is crazy to think all of this is inside the football stadium.

Technology has revolutionized everything we do and is now a part of our everyday lives whether we like it or not.

Implementing certain technologies you can accomplish wonderful things and if implemented right, businesses are set to make a lot of money as it can reach global status.

Luka Modrić name is being celebrated all over the internet for he has just won Europe most prestigious award, Ballon d’Or (Golden Ball) which has ended Messi-Ronaldo reign at the best FIFA Football awards. This shows how sports can reach millions and millions of people around the world through the use of technology.

All this comes at a time where Riot has announced a partnership with Mastercard – Riot And Mastercard Are Set To Announce Massive New Sponsorship Deal

Is this one way Riot is looking to expand their revenue and business?

Are Real Madrid Ready To Entering Both League Of Legends And Fifa As Future Esports Titles?Time will tell…

With the video above revealing League of Legends arena inside the stadium shows how far Esports has come and how traditional sports and electronic sports are crossing paths and integrating with one another.

Both League Of Legends and Real Madrid can both gain from this as they can reach more people bringing both of their fans together and reach a wider audience for both parties to grow.