Epic Games have started a trend of updating old skins with extra styles and effects. Skins like Master Key and Sidewinder had extra style added towards the end of Fortnite Season 8. Joining them in Season 9 are two more skins – Maverick and Shade.

The Maverick skin and Shade skin are both from the Cobra Crew Set, with both skins receiving two extra variants. The first gives the pair a new Cobra attire which appears more race driver than battle ready and comes with a stylish helmet. The other variant has the same race driver vibe, however, with the helmet removed.

Fortnite Skin Variants for Maverick and Shade
Fortnite New Skin Styles – Maverick
Fortnite New Skin Styles for Maverick and Shade
Fortnite New Skin Styles – Shade

If you already own these skins, you will receive the new skins styles for free. Once you log in to play Fortnite, you should receive a notification confirming so. If you would like to own the two new skins than you can expect them to hit the Fortnite items store very soon.

Now that Epic Games have shown a commitment to improving old skins, which skins would you like to see have alternative variants?