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New Gen 4 Evolutions Now Available In Pokemon Go

Find Out How You Can Evolve Your Pokémon

The first phase of the rollout of Gen 4 Evolution Pokemon in Pokemon Go is now live

A few days ago, users who have signed for the monthly newsletter received a small teaser from Niantic, the developer who introduced the world to Pokémon Go. Niantic teased that the fourth-generation evolution Pokemon will be making their way into the game shortly with no mention of a release date.

Today, Pokemon fans received a pleasant surprise from Niantic as he instantly began rolling out some of the 4th Gen Evolutions. The rest of Gen 4 Evolutions will be entering the game at a later date.Instead of waiting eagerly for th e remaining Gen 4 Pokemon evolutions to come out, you can spend time collecting as much candy and get evolving the new additions of Pokemon.

Here is a list of Gen 4 Pokemon Evolutions that have entered Pokemon Go today

Rhyperior, Electivire, Magmortar, Togekiss, Mismagius, Honckrow, Weavile, Dusknoir, Roserade, Gliscor and Porygon-Z

The new Pokémon Evolutions require 100 candies and 1 Sinnoh Stone that was also introduced in the update. A Sinnoh Stone is an item that helps to evolve some Pokemon that requires it.

There has been a small change in the candy requirements when evolving Pokemon. If a Pokemon naturally has a third-tier evolution stage then the candy required for the first evolve is only 25.

New Gen 4 Evolutions Now Available In Pokemon Go

What are you waiting for? Start collecting candy and evolve your Pokémon.


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