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New Items, New Combinations! – TFT Sparring Gloves Goes Live as LoL updates to patch 9.18

Turn Your Champion Into Yordles by Making a Lovely Pair of Mittens

A big update to Teamfight Tactics includes 8 New Items, a new recipe for Infinite Edge and Sword of the Divine removed. Here is everything you need to know about the new Sparring Gloves.

Patch 9.18 should be rolling out to the live client very shortly unless you are on OCE servers who should already have the update by now. The new update contains several new features including a new progression tracker called Eternals, Star Guardian Skins for Rakan, Xayah, Zoe and Neeko along with her Prestige Edition skin. Plus the usual round of changes made to champions.

Teamfight Tactics will equally receive a host of changes as the new item; Sparring Glove is now available, creating more combinations, recipes and new full items. Even giving the players options to create more Yordles!

Furthermore, Riot Games have added three more Little Legends to TFT. Styled and themed like a Star Guardian which is the current theme for LoL Patch 9.18.

Sparring Gloves Combinations

Sparring Gloves Combinations Teamfight Tactics LoL
Sparring Gloves Combinations – Teamfight Tactics

From the list, you will be able to see brand-new items detailing the item bonus. You can find out all other item combinations with our Item Builder!

One item, in particular, prove to be extremely popular because once the item was created, you had a very high chance of you finishing in first place. Unintentionally, when creating the Theif’s Gloves, an item that will give the champion two random items at the start of each round, it began to bug out and left behind items after the round has finished. Resulting you to stack up a mountain of items that makes you super strong and tough to beat and claim first place.

Sadly, Riot Games have since squashed the bug for those who wish to experience it.


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