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New Map Expansion And Elemental Drake Buff Changes Coming To LoL Season 10

The Jungle Is Evolving...

Riot Games has given users a sneak peek into what Season 10 of League of Legends will bring as the map and the jungle of Summoner’s Rift has evolved! Dynamically changing throughout the game, revealing new paths, bushes and new elemental buffs.

We are only a couple of weeks away of finding out which team will be crown this year League of Legends Worlds 2019 champion. Typically marking the end of the League of Legends Season. However, it also marks the beginning of the new season where Riot Games overhaul certain aspects of the game. Providing League of Legends with a fresh new gaming experience and taking users into the next chapter with LoL: Rise of The Elements.

One thing is certain to change is Summoner’s Rift!

LoL Season 10 Map Changes

Announced during League of Legends 10 year anniversary and showcased by top Pro Players and YouTubers, Riot Games revealed a sneak peek at some of the changes League Of Legends Season 10 will bring. One change you can easily spot is that Summoner’s Rift map has received an expansion.

Both Top Lane and Bottom Lane now have a small alcove section that covers the champion completely inside Fog of War (FoW). Essentially, making it one giant bush. Players will have to enter or ward the alcoves to gain vision and check if there are any enemies lurking about.

The use of these alcoves can be used for offensive and defensive purposes, creating exciting new scenarios.

“We don’t expect alcoves to be used constantly throughout lane phase. But every so often, players may turn a 2v3 into a double kill or perhaps escape certain death due to the unique layout of an alcove.”

Another noticeable change is two additional bushes within the jungle situated opposite Baron Pit and the Dragon pit. These new bushes will encourage teams to get closer to the pits undetected (unless there is a vision ward placed inside the bush) and strategically take or steal Baron/Dragon/Rift Herald. Prepare for more intense battles and mind games between teams as they try a secure the best buffs in the game.

This could also set up for a potential early jungle ganks situations surrounding the Blue Buff Golem.

The most exciting new change is that the map dynamically changes due to the new Dragon Elemental buff changes. Creating new pathways and bushes to allow teams to make opportunities to gank or escape their enemies.

These changes are dependant on the type of elemental dragon that’s been slain. Find out all the possible new exciting landscape changes below.

LoL Season 10 – Elemetal Rifts

Riot Games main focus in Season 10 Rise of the Elements is the new elemental rifts.

The Dragon pit will spawn one of four elemental dragons now renamed as Rifts. Infernal Rift, Ocean Rift, Cloud Rift and Mountainous Rift.

Killing the dragon will unlock the Dragon’s elemental power, providing buffs and shaping and transforming Summoner’s Rift. The landscape is only changed right before the third Dragon is spawned. Thereafter, only that elemental dragon will spawn for the remainder of the game.

Infernal Rift

If the third Dragon spawning is an Infernal Rift, it will sunders map on its arrival, creating new pathways around the buff camps. This allows users to navigate the jungle quicker as walls and bushes are burned away.

The Dragon pit will transform into the Infernal Rift home that resembles a volcano pit.

Infernal Rift Buff

Infernal Might: Gain a percentage increase of Attack Damage and Ability Power.

Ocean Rift

Upon spawning into the rift, the Ocean Rift will create new life, causing fresh new patches of grass to spread throughout the rift.

The Dragon Pit will now have a bush situated against the circular walls, allowing players to hide in plain sight ready to take down the Ocean Rift.

Existing bushes will also expand with new patches all throughout the jungle, creating a flowering meadow. Making the jungle more dangerous than ever. You never know who will be lurking around.

Ocean Rift Buff

Oceanic Will: Regenerate a percentage of missing health every second.

Cloud Rift

The Cloud Rift creates air currents surrounding the Dragon pit and throughout the jungle. Entering these air currents will greatly speed up your champion movement to help traverse through the jungle making quick ganks or allow for a quick escape.

Cloud Rift Buff

Cloudbringer’s Grace: Gain cooldown reduction for your Ultimate ability.

Mountainous Rift

The earth breaks open as the Mountainous Rift spawn in the Dragon Pit. Sending large boulders to land throughout the jungle, creating narrow paths and leaving less room to escape.

Boulders create a shadow or in this case FoW reducing your vision and making the jungle more treacherous than ever.

The mouth of the dragon pit has a large rock wall creating tight spaces where you can succumb to big AOE Wombo Combos.

Mountainous Rift Buff

Mountainous Vigor: Gain a percentage increase of Armor and Magic Resistance.

Dragon Souls

Coming in LoL Season 10: Rise of the Elements are new Dragon Souls, gifting players powerful buffs that last throughout the rest of the game.

When a team has killed their fourth Elemental Rift, instead of stacking the elemental buff, they’ll gain a powerful Dragon Soul buff. The type of buff is determined on the dominant Dragon elemental power. Once a Dragon Soul is obtained, the next dragon to spawn will be the elder dragon. Meaning only one team can obtain the Dragon Soul.

Dragon Souls Buff

Infernal Dragon Soul:

Every 3 seconds, your next attack or damaging spell creates a small AoE explosion, dealing adaptive damage that scales with bonus attack damage, ability power, and bonus health.

Ocean Dragon Soul:

Dealing any damage triggers strong health and resource regeneration for 3 seconds. In addition, Damage to minions provides less regeneration.

Cloud Dragon Soul:

Hitting enemies with abilities or attacks lowers the cooldowns of your base abilities.

Mountain Dragon Soul:

After not taking damage for 5 seconds, gain a shield that lasts until destroyed. The shield’s magnitude scales with bonus attack damage, ability power, and bonus health.

Elder Dragon

With the introduction of the new Dragon Souls, Elder Dragon Buff has been retooled to be unique. And no longer favor the team with more dragons.

The new Elder Dragon buff replaces scaling of existing elemental drake buffs with a new execution component.

Players who have the Elder dragon buff, applies burn damage and marks the target for 3 seconds. If the target is under 20% HP the Elder Dragon buff is automatically activated and kills them instantly.

This is signalled by an animated Elder Dragon followed by a laser beam executing the champion.

Zhonyas hourglass, Kindred ult or even healing just before the laser executes will be some of the ways to counter the execution.

Players will then need to reapply the burn damage before the execution is activated again.

When will Rise of Elements be available?

Season 10 of League of Legends will hit the rift with patch 9.23, sometime in November!


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