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NEW Skin Variant for Renegade Raider, Elite Agent And More

New Skin Styles In Fortnite Patch v8.10

Fortnite’s latest patch v8.10 is now out, and Epic Games have announced that Renegade Raider and Elite Agent will receive new styles.

Every patch data miners dive into the Fortnite files in the hopes of finding some unreleased goodies. Just before the patch’s release, leaks emerged showing the Elite Agent Unmasked and New Skin Variant for other Characters. Shortly after, Epic Games announced the skins styles were now available.

Epic Game stated the following ” We’ve heard you! We updated a few of your favorite Outfits to include new styles.

The confirmed line-up of updated skin styles is:

  • Scarlet Defender
  • Elite Agent
  • Renegade Raider
  • Waypoint
  • Overtaker
  • Whiteout

You can expect to see more skin in the future to receive updated styles and variants as Fortnite continue to improve the games art.

Below you can find the updated skin styles.

Unmasked Elite Agent Skin Style
Unmasked Elite Agent Skin Style
Renegade Raider Skin Style
Renegade Raider Skin Style

Rolling out with the v8.10 patch is the new building on The Block – Skull Island. Using the new Jungle Temple Prefabs, Skull Island fits perfectly into Fortnite Season 8 aesthetics. You can read all about The Block’s Skull Island here.


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1 year ago

that isn’t renegade raider its scarlet defender i know this because i claimed it and its under scarlet defender.

1 year ago
Reply to  mason

if u wanna add me or play for a bit add me epic: zøultar Xbox: Zoultar12 Psn: Zoultar04 Ps, youll hardly see me on psn

1 year ago

also i cant see the pics so i dont know if it actually shows the renegade raider or not so if it does dont get mad

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