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Next Champion to Receive the Prestige Edition Skin Is Lux [LoL]

Battle Academia Lux Prestige Edition Skin sneaks in with a handful other new Academia skins and new champion Yuumi

Now that every team member of K/DA has received a Prestige Edition skin, it has become harder to predict which League of Legends champion will receive the rare skin next. With the introduction of Patch v9.10, now live on LoL PBE server, a handful of champions has received new Battle Academia skins. But sneaking under the radar, the exclusive Battle Academia Lux Prestige Edition skin.

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Prestige Edition Skin

League of Legends first introduced the limited exclusive Prestige Edition skin with the champion Kai’Sa as part of the LoL World 2018 Event. Players wanting to unlock the event main prize needed to collect Event Tokens and exchange them for prizes.

Due to the fact you needed Event Tokens to obtain the skin, players only had the duration of the event to unlock the Prestige Edition skin. Making the skin available for a limited time only. The only way you can obtain the Prestige Edition skin is getting lucky by rerolling three skins for a random permanent skin.

A few weeks later, Riot Games unveiled other champions receiving the Prestige Edition, again you would need to earn and exchange alot of Event Tokens. However, Prestige Points was introduced to Season 9 of League of Legends. A form of currency you can collect throughout the year to exchange for Prestige skins but it does not include limited edition skins that are tied to the event.

Prestige Points offered users a means of a way to obtain the exclusive Prestige Edition skins without having to be actively playing LoL, especially if they are unable to play whilst an event is on.

Battle Academia Lux Prestige Edition Skin

LoL Battle Academia Lux Prestige Edition Skin Splash Art
Battle Academia Lux Prestige Edition Skin Splash Art – League of Legends

The latest champion to receive the ultra-rare skin is Lux which is part of a set of Battle Academia skin that is now currently live on LoL PBE server. At this present in time, there is no information on how the Battle Academia Lux Prestige Edition Skin will be unlocked but our best guess is that you will require Prestige Points.

Update: Battle Academia Lux Prestige Edition can be unlocked by exchanging 2000 Trial Token during the MSI Event

Our guess is based on the fact the MSI (Mid-Season Interval) is just about to begin and Conqueror Alistar has been revealed as the main prize skin for the Event. At the event, Riot Games have included many ways to obtain those precious Prestige Points.

Battle Academia Lux Prestige Edition Skin is currently being tested on LoL PBE, eradicating bugs before entering the live client. Check out the video below if you would like to see the skin in action. Showcasing the new Prestige Edition skin with its iconic colors of white and gold and new animations.


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