In a shocking twist, Riot Games reveals Prestige Edition Skin for Aatrox, Blood Moon Prestige Edition Aatrox.

K/DA Prestige Edition Akali is the second Prestige Edition skin revealed with the first Prestige Edition skin going to Kai’Sa. Both of these champions represent a band called K/DA along with Evelynn and Ahri the other two members. It comes as a shock that the next upcoming Prestige skin is not K/DA, instead it’s Blood Moon Prestige Edition Aatrox.

Snowdown Event is currently going on in League of Legends, an event that gives players themed-event missions, special bundles and rewards. The main prize is the K/DA Prestige Edition Akali that can be unlocked with Snowdon tokens. The first introductory of the skin, K/DA Prestige Edition Kai’Sa was the main prize during the Worlds event that was available during the LoL Worlds 2018 tournament that finished last month. Unlocking the Prestige Edition skin in the same way but with Worlds Tokens instead.

Blood Moon Prestige Edition Aatrox

When Riot Games revealed the third champion to have the Prestige Edition Skin, everyone was on the assumption that it would be K/DA Ahri or K/DA Evelynn. We did not expect it would be Aatrox! There are no details yet on why Riot Games has given Aatrox the Blood Moon Prestige Edition skin over the two remaining K/DA members. It is possible they do not want to limit these rare edition skins to the four K/DA skins.

By expanding them to different champions, Riot Games can introduce more events with the main prize as the Prestige Edition version of the skin. Creating more missions, rewards and excitement, help keep League Of Legends feeling fresh and offering users something to look forward to.

Check out Blood Moon Prestige Edition Aatrox skin in action below.