Open Mystery Box to encounter Meltan. Keep an eye out for a Shiny Version!

Once opened, the Mystery Box will act as a lure for these mysterious Pokémon. Meltan will be attracted by the aura and will come out of hiding. A perfect opportunity to arm yourself with Pokéballs and capture them especially if you need Melmetal, the evolution form of Meltan to your Pokédex. On rare occasions, you may just encounter a Shiny Meltan.

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The Meltan event is available now in Pokémon Go, 24th April 1:00 pm PDT until Sunday, 5th May at 1:00 pm PDT.

Collect Mystery Box by sending Pokémon from Pokémon Go to the Nintendo Switch Pokémon Game, you can send them to either Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! or Pokémon: Let’s Go, Eevee! If you do not own the Nintendo Switch or the Pokémon: Let’s Go game then you can send Pokémon to your friends Switch. In return, you will receive a Mystery Box.

Similar to lures, once a Mystery Box is opened, the Mythical Pokémon will be attracted to it and will start to appear. The effects of the Mystery Box will last for 30 minutes. Normally, you would have to wait for seven days after opening a Mystery Box before you can open another one, but opening them during the event will decrease this time to only a three-day wait.

Remember you will need to evolve a Shiny Meltan if you would like to add Shiny Melmetal to your collection of Pokémon. 400 Pokémon Candy is required to evolve the Pokémon, so try and capture as many Meltan during the 30-minute window of opening a Mystery Box.