Mr Slick Willyz is in shocked after discovering his creative idea, Oil Oaks is the latest to be featured at Fortnite’s Block

After discovering the news on Reddit, Mr Slick Willyz is both shocked and amazed that his hard work creating Oil Oaks, has finally paid off. Take a closer look as we delve deeper into Fortnite Block Party Winner, Oil Oaks by Mr Slick Willyz. Replacing the Chinese-theme Lunar Street Festival in celebration of the Chinese New Year.

Oil Oaks

Currently being discussed over social media and Reddit is the Creator name, Mr Slick Willyz. Due to typos or misreading the name, users were interpreting the name to be something of a rude nature. However, Mr Slick Willyz has set the record straight in regards to the nickname he has chosen.

“Used to read “MRSLICKWILLYZ BLOCK” but now it’s been fixed to say “MR SLICK WILLYZ’S BLOCK” with spaces between the words. Lol I had literally never noticed it that way before”

Mr Slick Willyz

It was just an unfortunate innocent mishap.

For those who wish to read the discussion of the name, you can view the Reddit Post here. Epic Games were guilty themselves as they made an error to The Block name, adding fuel to the fire.

Part of Mr Slick Willyz inspiration behind his creation was that he wanted a creation that felt a part of Fortnite. Commenting on other Island as awesome as they were, felt they were not really all that realistic as part of Fortnite in game play.

We will update the post to include Oil Oaks island code once it has been made available.

What do you think of Fortnite Block Party feature, Oil Oaks? Do you think look as it was part of Fortnite all along? Let us know in the comments below.