Dashing past her enemies, Kai’Sa uses her burst of speed and attack to assassinate her target

Just as one Legendary Tier champion is added to Teamfight Tactics (TFT), another is set to join them. Kai’Sa – The Queen of the Void will be using her range and assassin skills to help conquer the TFT board. The marksman will be equipped with the highest base attack speed in the game.

In addition to Kai’Sa marksman skills, she has been assigned with three Traits, her Origin naturally being Void, seeing she is the Queen of the Void and her Classes of Assassin and Ranger.

Due to her inclusion to TFT, there will be changes and tweaks to the Void Trait.

TFT Kai’Sa

TFT Legendary Kai'Sa -The Void Assassin Ranger
Kai’Sa -The Void Assassin Ranger | TFT

Tier: 5

Cost: 5

Origin: Void

Classes: Assassin and Ranger


Kai’Sa dashes to the farthest enemy unit, gaining a 300 damage shield and 30% Attack Speed.

Attack Speed: 30% / 60% / 90%
Shield Amount: 300 / 600 / 900

With an extra-Assassin unit added to the game and the recent changes to Assassin in TFT patch 9.18, (Assassin Trait increased to include 9 Units) players can try and obtain Kai’sa and try and get 9 Assassins on the board.

Kai'Sa TFT Stat information - LoL
Kai’Sa Stats – TFT

Void Trait Changes

Void Trait has been changed to match Imperial Trait bonus, where having two units from the same Origin enables one random unit of the two units to have the bonus Trait. Unlocking to all allies once you reach the maximum bonus Trait.


(2): One of your Void units does true damage.
(4): All of your Void units do true damage.

“This should allow void to not quite be so dominating early game, but still be a viable option to scale into late game.”