Why was Onesie and K-pop Skins removed?

Unsettled fans of the Fortnite Battle Royale game have voiced their disappointment on the removal of two unreleased skins. The skins in question, Onesie and K-pop were both outfits that dataminers had uncovered within the files of the game. However, both Onesie and K-pop can no longer be found.

K-pop and Onesie Skins removed from Fortnite

K-pop first arrived without a name back in September 2018. His name revealed in a later update. Normally once a skin is released they make it into the game not long after, yet K-pop never arrived.

The one that raises the most eyebrows is Onesie, leaked with the Arachnid set in patch v6.10. Just like the Arachnid set Onesie’s leaked files contained all the correct data that one would expect to see for an upcoming skin.

Featuring a white onesie and coated in Durr Burgers, it’s unlikely that Fortnite would scrap the idea all together especially with all the hype from the fans surrounding the skin.

There’re many reasons why the Fortnite Onesie and K-pop skins have been removed, we’ll list a few of them here:

  • The most obvious reason could simply be bug fixes — Remember the Calamity Jiggly Breast Animations at the start of Season 6?
  • Possible visual edits to match new unreleased connecting accessories. (Pickaxe, Glider, BackBling)
  • Story progression. Something big in Fortnite may happen that promotes the skin in a better way in the future. This would give the skins more exposure.
  • Promotions — The K-pop skin may be part of a promotion, like the Galaxy skin, which could have been set back a few months.

There are many reasons why Epic Games have made the decision to remove these skins from the game’s files. However, we do not believe this skins will be gone forever and would not be surprised to see them reappear in a future update.