Pokemon Go creators Niantic has announced positively that sometime in early 2020 they will add multiplayer battles to their free to play smartphone game. Appropriately named GO Battle League, the new feature will encourage players to battle online without having to gather in the real world.

Since the mobile game was released, Pokemon Go has always been about combat, and developer Niantic has carefully introduced a few additional features to allow players around the world to experience even more fights. The developers introduced player-versus-player fights last year dubbed Trainer Battles, but players needed to be close by in the real world to battle.

Niantic announced today that another new feature will be added to the mobile game to offer players even more flexibility in battles. The latest feature is justifiably called the GO Battle League, allowing players to test their superior talents against other players online without having to compete in the real world.

Niantic wrote in their statement that they are thrilled to introduce the new feature to fans in early 2020 at some stage and expect that Pokemon Go will become even more competitive and open to all players.

“We’re excited to announce the development of a feature that will build upon Trainer Battles, the current form of player vs. player battling that exists within Pokémon GO. This feature will be called GO Battle League.

Like many Pokémon GO features, GO Battle League will encourage players to get out and explore the world with Pokémon. Trainers will be able to walk in order to earn entry into the GO Battle League, then battle opponents from around the globe through an online matching system and rise in the ranks of the league. We hope this feature will make the Pokémon GO battling experience more competitive and accessible to more Trainers”

Pokemon Go Online Battles
Pokemon Go Online Battles