Victorious Orianna Skin - League of Legends

This year’s victorious skin has been teased on the League of Legends official twitter. The short animation shows what appears to be Orianna holding her metallic ball whilst sporting the gold and royal purple colors. Captioned simply “Be Victorious”. We can safely assume that it will be a Victorious Orianna Skin this year.

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To be eligible to receive this skin you will have to reach a rank of at least Gold in League of Legends ‘ ranked game mode. Acceptable game modes are:

  • Solo Queue
  • 5v5 Flex Queue
  • 3v3 Flex Queue

Achieving gold or higher in these game modes will also unlock chroma variations of the victorious skin.

Orianna Victorious skin is set to join Jarvan IV, Janna, Elise, Morgana, Sivir Maokai, and Graves. You can expect to see the new skin be released once Season 8 has wrapped up. Keep in mind you don’t have to own the champion to receive the reward. If you do not own the victorious champion Riot will gift you the champion for free.

Were you expecting this year’s Victorious Champion to be Orianna? Let us know in the comments below.