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Ornn Is Now Broken as Riot Games Updates Forgefire Cape

Players will only require two items to turn Ornn into tank powerhouse as the Freljordian Spirit becomes almost unkillable due to the newly adjusted item.

Reaching the mid-point stage of testing LoL patch 10.4 cycle, currently available on the PBE server, Riot Games have been making adjustments to items. One, in particular, Forgefire Cape has received a major buff and a new AEO fire nova skill that deals bonus damage all around you. These changes have seen a tanky Ornn turn into a near unkillable deadly champion.

Forgefire Cape

Forgefire Cape can only be available to the player if they have Ornn as an ally. This is due to Ornn Masterwork passive where he can build upgraded versions to some of the full items available in League of Legends. Ornn can choose to build item upgrades for himself or his allies. In this instance, Forgefire is an upgraded version to the Sunfire Cape.

Forgefire Cape Lol
Forgefire Cape Lol

The old Forefire Cape deals 26-43 magic damage per second plus additional 50% bonus damage to minions and monsters whilst keep the same base stats of +750 health and +100 armour.

Forgefire Cape Lol 10 4
Forgefire Cape Lol 10 4

Forgefire Cape updated in LoL patch 10.4 (PBE) has the same base stats, same burning damage to nearby enemies and bonus damage to minions and monsters. However, it now applies bonus damage to your next immobilizing spell, dealing 26 to 43 base damage plus 5% of bonus HP. This will create a new fire nova AOE effect dealing damage around you.

Thanks to Ornn Skillset where his Searing Charge Skill (E skill) immobilises champions, he is able to deal bonus magic damage every 10 seconds. In addition, players typically build Ornn as a tank, buying items that give the champion lots of bonus health, the bonus damage will be much stronger. Making Ornn a force to be reckoned with.

When pairing Forgefiire Cape with the Abyssal Mask, another full item that can be upgraded due to Ornn’s Masterwork Passive, giving the player an extra +400 HP and +45 addition Magic Resist. Ornn becomes rediculous powerful that is able to withstand mass amount of damage and now afflict bonus damage with his Searing Charge.

So with only these two items Forgefire Cape and Abyssal Mask Ornn become almost near impossible to kill.

Sunfire Cape

Sunfire Cape Lol 10.4
Sunfire Cape Lol 10.4

If you do not have Ornn as one of your allies, Tank champions that have immobilizing spells can also enjoy the new changes found with Forgefire Cape. Sunfire Cape grants champion with the same bonus perks, however, you do not gain as much health and amor compared to Ornn’s upgraded item.


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