It’s looking like Overlook Bay will be leaving beta and will soon be available completely free. If you’ve patiently waited for this new Roblox game which bears a number of similarities with Adopt Me, your waiting is almost over.

On Friday, 11 September 2020, Overlook Bay will be widely available for free. We don’t know what time specifically but you won’t have to pay Robux to play the game anymore. If you were one of the fortunate ones who had access to the paid beta, then you were given some free gems and an exclusive Corgi pet, so you should still be ahead of the game!

Overlook Bay Free To Play City View
Overlook Bay Free To Play City View

Roblox’s Overlook Bay arrived with a lot of excitement and optimism and has since been settling down a bit since the beta release. Time will tell how well the game will do now that it comes with a free price tag and whether it can hold a candle to the giant that is Adopt me.

Although the two are separate games, they share a variety of the same gameplay styles which naturally draws direct comparisons between the two. Overlook Bay features a similar system for collecting and leveling pets that made Adopt Me a roaring success. One of the aspects that divides the two games comes from Overlook Bay evident superior free-to-play system that allows you to quickly get more in-game cash due to the broad varieties of tasks and activities. Will this be enough to entice players away from Adopt Me? We’ll soon find out!

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