The Overwatch Workshop has been accessible to the eager public for a couple of days now and by developing exciting fresh game types, gamers are undoubtedly getting fairly innovative. The Workshop’s newest unique asset is an Overwatch Battle Royale mode called “Last Man Bouncing” that has you and a generous handful of other folks fighting it out in the air above some of the most popular spots in the game.

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This fan-created match mode restricts everyone to playing Reinhardt, as stated on the /r / Overwatch subreddit. However, there have been naturally several significant modifications to the rules of the core match. The first (and perhaps most noteworthy) is you are not on the floor; rather, you bounce above one of the iconic maps on top of a hovering pink sphere. Second, with Reinhardt’s attacks, you don’t deal any damage whatsoever. You are only dealing with a knockback instead, either by swinging your mighty hammer or by using your Firestrike or Charge skills.

The game’s ultimate goal is easy: knock your opponents off the bright pink ball. This is tougher than it subtly suggests, as overcommitting to an assault or misjudging a Charge can cause the player to fly over the edge themselves ending in an epic fail! As you would expect, there have been several other modifications to achieve a little more game balance. Reinhardt’s Shield has been modified into a rotating assault. Charging can be stopped instantly by pushing the key again, and the power to stun other players and run quicker has replaced your Earthshatter Ultimate.

That’s not all that has been subtly altered! Crouching will decrease the height you appear in the atmosphere.

Finally (and maybe best of all), when they collide, two Charging Reinhardts will trigger a huge knockback blast. Fierce battles can definitely become crowded as the field gradually decreases with each passing second, particularly in the later stages of the game. The ultimate winner is the last person on top of the floating pink bubble!

If you would like to check this great Overwatch Workshop mode out input the code GR5KN. You can better understand more about Last Man Bouncing on’s game page, the easiest location to go to discover the latest new code for this game mode. To see this Workshop gameplay mode in motion, you can view the clip below.