Blizzard expected to announce new Overwatch expansion and Diablo 4 at BlizzCon

Blizzard typically employs their annual event – BlizzCon, to share with the fans a glimpse of new games and expansions they‘ve been working on. This year at BlizzCon we can expect to find out all about Diablo 4, a ‘possible’ Overwatch expansion and a Blizzard Mobile title if we‘re to believe the Goldman Sachs investor note.

Goldman Sachs Note

Reddit user –  Rob_Abb

The post indicates that Blizzard is proposing several significant launch announcements. As of right now, the Overwatch expansion is the one that raises the most eyebrows. Not due to popularity but because of how vague the information presented is.  Will this mean Overwatch 2 or solely a new map/ hero released?

Diablo 4 news has been predicted before the appearance of the investor’s note, once the BlizzCon 2018 Goodie bag contents were released. Included in this year’s goodie bag are:

  • Heroes of the Storm – Raven Lord Crest Magnet
  • Diablo – Classic Diablo Vinyl Figure
  • StarCraft – 20th Anniversary Pin
  • World of Warcraft – Faction Key Chain
  • Overwatch – Challenge Coin
  • Hearthstone – Magnet Set
  • BlizzCon Goody Book – The BlizzCon Book: A Celebration of our Community
Overwatch expansion expected at BlizzCon. Will we see Overwatch 2?

The community has continued to meme at Overwatch 2 expense at every moment news is scheduled only to not be the news they were counting on. However, with the investor’s note stating possible expansion, there’s a chance we may not see any Overwatch announcements at all. That being said, Many fans hope that Blizzard starts to focus on a story mode campaign, something that can enrich the players of Overwatch and live-out their favorite lures

Until the BlizzCon event, all we can do is wait and observe what Blizzard’s plans are going forward.  Now that Goldman Sachs investor notes are public, Blizzard has some big expectations to fulfill if it doesn’t wish to disappoint the eager fans.