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Overwatch Halloween Skins: Banshee Moira Will be Junkenstein’s Bride?

Blizzard has released the Halloween skins for 2018 Featuring Moira, Widowmaker and 4 more.

Update: Three more Overwatch skins leaked ahead of the event and it turns out that fan favorite Moira will not be Junkenstein’s bride after all. His bride, however,  appears to be Sombra.

Reportedly found on a Chinese Overwatch ad which made its way onto Reddit, the three new skins include Sombra, Mei, and Soldier76. 

Soilder76 and Sombra skins will both be Legendary whilst Mei’s skin will be epic.

As you can see from the images above Sombra legendary Halloween skin transforms her into stalking ghost bride!

Blizzard has been releasing the upcoming Overwatch Halloween Skins for the 2018 Halloween Terror event, one by one. With one of the new skins set to be Junkenstein’s Bride as stated in the developers update here. Is Banshee Moira Halloween skin the bride we’ve been expecting?

The teased Overwatch Halloween skins so far are – Banshee Moira, Spider Widowmaker, Undead McCree, Jack-o-Lantern Wrecking Ball, Swamp Monster Doomfist, and Enchanted Armor Pharah

This year’s Halloween Terror event is expected to be live today and running till the end of the month (October 31) So far 6 Overwatch Halloween Skins have been teased – You can check them out below. Besides the new skins, the Halloween Terror event will bring back Junkenstein‘s Revenge.

Most of this event is expected to be similar to last years, however, Jeff Kaplan stated that we can expect to see Junkenstein to be accompanied by his new bride!

Banshee Moira Halloween Skin

Banshee Moira Junkenstein's Bride -Overwatch Halloween Skin

]Quote from Overwatch’s Twitter as: 

An ominous portent. 
Haunt down your enemies as BANSHEE MOIRA (Legendary)!

Moira the Irish support will receive a fitting Banshee Skin. A Banshee for the unaware is a mythological female spirit in Irish mythology that usually comes equipt with a heart-pounding shriek. This renowned shriek will be perfect for the Junkenstein’s revenge game mode which leads us to believe Banshee Moira will be Junkenstien’s bride!

Swamp Monster Doomfist Halloween Skin

Swamp Monster Doomfist Overwatch Halloween Skin

Quote from Overwatch’s Twitter:

Just keep swimming. 
Make a splash as SWAMP MONSTER DOOMFIST (Legendary)!

Doomfist was the first hero to have his Halloween skin revealed. Doomfist‘s Halloween Skin has been met with some resistance from the fan with many believing the skin should have been called Doomfish due to his large gills.

Undead McCree Halloween Skin

Undead McCree Overwatch Halloween Skin

Quote from PlayStation‘s Twitter:

From High Noon to full moon… send shivers down foes’ spines as UNDEAD MCCREE! 

Gather your friends to outlast the night.

The epic Undead McCree skin transforms the cowboy into a haunting Skull shell of the McCree we‘re familiar with. Although the skin itself does not directly affect McCree’s original game model.

Spider Widowmaker Halloween Skin

Spider Widowmaker Overwatch Halloween Skin
Quote from Overwatch’s Twitter:

I will haul them into my web. 

Take SPIDER WIDOWMAKER (Epic) for a spin next week!


Spider Widowmaker was the first non-legendary skin to be announced for the upcoming terror event. The skin looks similar to her original skin with some added creepy traits that really suit Windowmaker’s style.

Enchanted Armor Pharah Halloween Skin

Enchanted Armor Pharah Overwatch Halloween Skin

Quote from Overwatch’s Twitter:

That’s the spirit.

BOO-P your enemies as ENCHANTED ARMOR PHARAH (Legendary)!

This will be Pharah’s second Halloween skin, however, the new Terror event skin will be legendary! With a headless horsemen vibe, this Halloween skin in our opinion looks deadly!

Jack-o-Lantern Wrecking Ball Halloween Skin

Jack-o-Lantern Wrecking Ball Overwatch Halloween Skin

Quote from Overwatch’s Twitter:

Now it’s time to get PUMPED up!

Squash your enemies as JACK-O’-LANTERN WRECKING BALL (Legendary)!

Jack-o-Lantern marks the first exclusive skin that Hammond the Wrecking Ball has received and boy are we glad it’s legendary. Turning his giant mech ball into a pumpkin chariot and Hammond into some demonic Scarecrow?

The Halloween Terror event will also bring back past cosmetics which will be available for you to purchase. The returning skins will cost you 1,000 credits, the new skins will set you back 3,000 credits.


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