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Overwatch Newest Hero Baptise Available 19th March

An orphan turned Elite Combat Medic, helps those affected by war

Overwatch is ready to release its 30th fighter next week, Combat Medic Baptise. Armed with his guns and bandages and special abilities, Overwatch newest hero is trying to turn his wrong choices into the right ones.

Baptise is currently on PTR (Public Test Region) as players look to test the latest hero. Giving Overwatch time to iron out bugs or making slight improvements ready for release amongst Overwatch other heroes. Below is a video of developer update introducing Baptise.

The Elite Combat Medic, Baptise will be available on 19th March ready to heal the wounded and fight whoever stands in his way.


Overwatch Baptise Suppot Elite Combat Medic
Baptise – Overwatch | Blizzard

After realising Baptise choose the wrong path by joining the Talon Mercenary group, one of many organisations to profit from all the chaos in the war’s aftermath. He abandons the group, moving from place to place trying to make amends from the violence that had destroyed his own city.

Knowing the past cannot be unchanged, Baptise uses his unique abilities, healing and fighting for those in need, working towards a better world and his own redemption.


One of Baptise main role is to provide support with an assortment of experimental devices and weaponry to keep your allies safe whilst eliminating the threat.


Biotic Launcher: Doubles as healing device and providing damage. Lobbing projectiles to heal the wounded or three-round-burst.

Regenerative Burst: Heals himself and nearby allies in a small radius overtime

Immortality Field: A device that creates a force field in a small circle preventing allies or himself to take damage whilst inside the radius. The device generating the field can be destroyed.

Amplification Matrix: Creates a field window, that enhances friendly projectiles that pass through it. Doubling the healing and damage effects.

Exo Boots: Once activated, allows Baptise to leap small buildings in a single bound.


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