Overwatch has released a new Developer update which includes: Torbjörn rework, upcoming Hero changes and bug fixes plus news about the upcoming Halloween Terror event. As always Overwatch likes to be very open and honest about what changes they’re making and which areas they feel their focus should be. The new changes listed below will make their way to the PTR today for all of you to test.

Torbjörn Rework molten core update and more

Torbjörn Rework Update

Jeff from the Developers update wanted to make clear Overwatch’s intentions for the Torbjörn rework and to emphasize that he will not completely change from the hero he currently is.

What’s changing?

Torbjörn armor packs are gone from being his 2nd ability and as a result, the scrap system has also been removed from his kit. His 2nd ability will now be called Overload.

Overload – Acting similarly to his old ultimate Molten Core. Overload will grant Torbjörn movement speed bonuses, damage resistance and fire at an increased rate. The ability will have a cooldown.

Developer notes: “It’ll make Torb more viable as a damage dealer in more situations where he can get in there and scuffle a little bit.”

Torbjörn Ultimate Molten Core – The ability will keep the name, with the development team loving the name and its relation to World of Warcraft. His ultimate will now raise Torbjörn’s claw hand into the frame and shoot out hot liquid magma that has limited ammo. The new ultimate deals devastating AOE damage and extra damage against armor.

Developer notes: “We think this will give Torb some new utility in his abilities.”

Turrets – No more levels to Torbjörn turrets, it’ll always be level 2. When deploying the turret it will go through a small build time.

New: Torbjörn will now be able to toss his turrets slightly, which will enable him to place turrets in locations previously not possible.

Developer notes: “We think this will create some interesting and fun gameplay”

The overall goal for the Torbjörn rework is to make him more acceptable on both attacking and defense. Currently, Torbjörn will only be picked on specific maps, this update is trying to move Torbjörn away from map limitations.

There’re more changes in store for Torbjörn Jeff states specifically his Rivet Gun, however, we must wait for the details on this.

Final developer notes: Hopefully we’ll see Torb being played in a variety of new ways, we think we were successful with this with Symmetra where we really changed her presence on the battlefield and her perception with players.

Other hero changes coming up

  • Changes to Orisa’s gun and it fires.
  • Improving McCree and Soilder 76 with minor changes to make them both more viable.
  • Pharah splash damaged nerfs with other changes to make her more powerful in skilled hands and a little weaker in lower skilled players.

Colorblind Improvements

Jeff proudly announced that Overwatch has been making big changes to the way their colorblind mode works and how much work they’re doing to ensure it’s a pleasant experience for all players. The old system whilst it worked, was far from perfect with many colorblind players unable to distinguish between friendly and enemy players.

The new colorblind Feature not only applies to characters but to some interface elements. With newly added options, players will now be able to pick which colors work best for them.

Halloween Terror event

Halloween Terror Event Overwatch 2018

The Halloween Terror event will be back, this time the map will be even spookier than the last time! More areas of the map will have changes made to them for added effects. Many fans have believed Overwatch hasn’t done enough cosmetics changes during events. This time around it’s announced that more skins will be available during the Halloween Terror event.

Junkenstine revenge will be back, however, this time he will have a bride… who will it be? Jeff left this up to the community to have their guess and spoiled nothing regarding this.

Developer notes: I want to talk a lot about events, we got a lot of feedback during summer games. I want people to know we care deeply for the events. We‘re going to continue to make awesome cosmetic content for the events.