An evolutionary robot with rapidly adapting artificial intelligence, Echo can replicate and transform into other heroes, gaining use of their abilities.

Last week, Overwatch unveiled their 32nd Hero to join the ranks of the Overwatch roster. A multirole adaptive humanoid that is able to fill multiple battlefield combat roles that go by the name, Echo.
Programmed with a rapidly adapting A.I, Echo can duplicate her target, fly, triangulate her shots and shoot lasers at her enemies.
With Echo available on Overwatch’s PTR (Public Test Region) for testing, the humanoid skills and visual details are unveiled. Meet Echo.

Overwatch Champion: Echo

Although to many of you this will be the first time seeing the omnic, however, Echo has in fact, been hovering in the background for some time now. Keen-eyed fans may have spotted Echo in earlier versions of the artwork for Overwatch, featuring in the Reunion Cinematic, back in 2018.

Echo makes her first appearance at the timestamp 6:10. After successfully capturing Ashe and her Omnic butler, McCree walks over to Echo’s pod, opening and then activating the humanoid.

During the Omnic Crisis, Dr Mina Liao, renown scientist for her expertise in robotics and Artificial intelligence were responsible for the design and creation of Omnics that would ultimately wage a war against humanity. Due to her expertise, Dr Mina Liao became one of the founding members of Overwatch.

Still dreaming on improving the original designs of the omics and believing in the potential power of A.I, transforming lives of humanity for the better, the Echo project was created. However, due to strict rules, Echo capabilities were supposed to be limited.

Defiant Dr. Mina Liao programmed Echo with a powerful A.I so the Omnic was able to learn by observation. After many hours, Echo evolved a multirole adaptive humanoid.

Echo Skills


Echo Tri Shot

Sticky Bombs

Echo Sticky Bombs Skill


Echo Flight Skill

Focusing Beam

Echo Focusing Beam Skill


Echo Glide Skill


Echo Duplicate Skill

You can check out Echo Duplicate ultimate skill in action where YouTuber BRO YOU WACK shows of every hero being duplicated by Echo.

Echo Release Date

This has been no official date set for Echo introduction to the live server, however, the omnic has been available on Overwatch PTR Server for a few days now so her release should be any day now

Some users are expecting a 23rd of March release for Echo due to the decrypted file teased via Twitter. A single image of Echo pod, but if you look closely at the box labelled date, it has 3/23.

Echo Release Date
Echo Release Date

Echo Wallpapers