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Grinding Gear Games has announced a sequel to its ever-growing RPG game, Path of Exile. Revealing Path of Exile 2 in a surprising trailer to fans at the ExileCon event.

Set 20 years after Kitava fell, POE 2’s trailer kicks off with a loan witch escaping her own execution by rolling into the seas. She’s then washed onto the new shores of Wraeclast as new skills, mechanics and bosses are unveiled.

Path of Exile 2

When GGG finished the 3.0 expansions, they soon realized that releasing more and more acts forever was never going to work, the game would become too long before players reached endgame content. Wanting to turn POE into a strong 2019 game in both gameplay and game engine, the idea of Path of Exile 2 was born.

Path Of Exile 2 Seven Acts
Path Of Exile 2 Seven Acts

The sequel attempts to go against the grain by not splitting up the communities between the two campaigns. Releasing POE 2 alongside Path of Exile with a shared end game experience. The original game will still be playable and maintained even after the Path of Exile 2’s release. All microtransactions and other purchasable will be fully usable no matter which campaign you choose to play.

“Both the old and new storyline lead to the same shared Atlas endgame.”

Additionally, all past POE expansions like delve, Synthesis, and Blight will be seamlessly integrated. Naturally, there will be modern features added to POE 2, for example, the complete overhaul of the skill system (More on this later.) Players can also take part in new optional side quests that lead to meaningful boss encounters.

GGG placed large enthesis on the fact that the current Path of Exile campaign will not be forgotten about and demonstrated the beautiful new Act 1 town coming to POE next month in 3.9.

There’s no firm releases date for Path of Exile 2, however, if things go according to plan we can expect the game to come out late 2020. For now, though, let’s take a look at everything that was announced for Path of Exile 2.

Path Of Exile Exilecon
Path Of Exile Exilecon

Path of Exile New Skill System

Co-founder Jonathan Rogers took to the stage at ExileCon and presented the audience with a live demo of the upcoming campaign. During the gameplay, GGG showcased the impressive overhaul of the current skill system.

Addressing all of the shortcomings while not sacrificing functionality that players are used to. You no longer put gems into your items instead the skill gems themselves have sockets that come with a new dedicated UI for socketing them. This creative way of socketing gems is fantastic, not only is it intuitive but it also means that every skill in Path of Exile 2 can be a six-link.

With the ability to six-link multiple skills, this will drastically change how players will theorycraft new builds and amp up the overall damage potential massively. Due to a limited number of possible six-link items in the current POE game, players were limited to one or two primary attack skills. Now it’s entirely possible to utilize bundles of powerful skills in your arsenal.

Admirably, the change also provides a considerable beneficial effect by saving players valuable time switching between weapons and gear. Socket colors are changed on the gem itself and so you can switch between items on the fly without having to jewelers or fusing the item first. Leaving you to exclusively think about the stats.

New Skill Type

Meta Gems – Described as ‘super support gems’

These gems allow you to place multiple actives into them like auras. You’ll equally receive a single keybind to activate multiple auras within a single click! How insane is that? Trigger gems will also be categorized under the new meta tag.

Path Of Exile 2 Proficiency Support Gem
Path Of Exile 2 Proficiency Support Gem

Path of Exile 2 New Skills and Game Engine

While the developers remained fairly tight-lipped over new skills coming to POE 2, they did demonstrate a new skill that enables your character to shapeshift at will to and from beast and human forms. While in your bestial state, players can cast all POE 2 attacks. More skills were teased throughout the live demo (shown above), however, GGG seemed most proud of the upcoming changes to the game engine and its complete update to skill effects that see skills like Split Arrow stick and bounce of objects in the most realistic way possible.

Path Of Exile 2 Shapeshifter Skill
Path Of Exile 2 Shapeshifter Skill

The updated game engine makes it possible for visually stunning environments, characters, and items that give a realistic look. We’ll, in addition, receive new main character class models with distinct animations and completely new item base types. Adding physics for the minor details that make the game look and feel awesome.


  • Path of Exile 2 will come with 19 new ascendancy classes. The characters will fall into the same class archetypes as those in the original game. The choices, however, will differ.
  • GGG will continue to release Path of Exile expansions on our regular three-month cycle. This content will be available in both the Path of Exile 1 and Path of Exile 2 campaigns.
  • Path of Exile Mobile? Lucky fans at ExileCon will get a hands-on demo of Path of Exile for Mobile. The feedback GGG receives will determine if and when the mobile variant is released.