Grinding Gear Games have announced on Tuesday it’s upcoming 3.11 expansion Path of Exile Harvest. PoE Harvest provides players with an opportunity to develop their own extraordinary gardens and construct an intricate and complex network of exotic seeds inside the Sacred Grove. These seeds will not, however, sprout into elegant flowers but in true Path of Exile style, will spawn various monsters for you to kill. Enemies slain will offer up their lifeforce to which you can craft powerful items.

I totally understand if you’ve read the intro and had to look twice to make sure the title says ‘Path of Exile’ and not something like Farming Simulator but keep in mind, GGG is fully aware that its core player base is RPG fanatics and have ensured the process of managing your garden is a simple process. Just like they did with Blight and the “Tower Defence” Mechanic.

The Sacred Grove Seeds Poe Harvest League
The Sacred Grove Seeds PoE Harvest League

Path of Exile Harvest [3.11] Release Date

Path of Exile: Harvest will launch on PC June 19, and the week of June 22 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

3.11 Harvest League Overview

Once the new PoE league starts, players will be able to encounter Seed Cache in every area you explore. Magical roots will reveal the way to your very own pot of gold, in this case, a Seed cache. Interacting with a Seed Cache will cause it to spawn many modified seeds that can be planted in the Sacred Grove with the help of new NPC Oshabi.

Every seed will have a monster associated with it, which are contained in three different tiered seeds – Tier 1: simple seeds which offer little value and need to be planted close to a Collector of the identical type. Tier 2: These seeds take longer to harvest but grant more rewards and will no doubt require more specific planting patterns and conditions. Lastly Tier 3: The most advanced seeds that require the most time to grow but yield naturally the greatest rewards. Anytime you interact with a Seed Cache out in the world, time passes by in the garden by one unit.

Once inside the Sacred Grove, players can plant seeds literally anywhere they want, but there are deeper tactics at play. Exiles will need to strategically place their plants and then build a Collector nearby to harvest the monsters’ lifeforce. Interacting with the Collector once your seeds have bloomed will start the encounter.

The Sacred Grove Poe Harvest League
The Sacred Grove PoE Harvest League

PoE Harvest Bosses

In the most outrageous case, a total of 48 plants can be used in one harvest. So the flexibility on how you chose each encounter will be vast. With the suitable combinations, these encounters can additionally include the three new bosses of Path of Exile Harvest league. Three primordial beasts: Ersi, Janaar and Namharim make up the trio offering the most valuable loots provided in a harvest. The trio are represented by the three seed groups that are Vivid, Primal and Wild.

Path Of Exile Harvest League Seeds
Path of Exile Harvest League Seeds

PoE Harvest Lifeforce

Slaying monsters after activating the Collector will grant the seed’s lifeforce. Players can use this lifeforce to craft unique league specific modifiers to equipment. Depending on the variety of seeds used and the overall strength of the harvest will determine what unusual crafting options open up. You’ll also need Lifeforce for more than crafting like maintaining and improving your garden’s seeds for better rewards next time around.

Path Of Exile 3.11 Harvest Lifeforce
Path of Exile 3.11 Harvest Lifeforce

PoE Harvest Unique Items

Like most leagues, Path of Exile Harvest 3.11 will come with an array of new unique items for players to seek. This time around there’ll be no less than 12 new unique items introduced into the game with a further 50 existing items reworked. Only two items have been teased by GGG so far.

Doryani’s Prototype:

Armour – Armour/Energy Shield

  • %Increased Armour and Energy Shield
  • +# To maximum Life
  • Armour also applies to Lightning Damage taken from Hits
  • Lightning Resistance does not affect Lighting Damage Taken
  • Nearby Enemies have Lightning Resistance equal to yours

Storm Secret:

Topaz Ring

  • +# to Lightning Resistance
  • +# to Intelligence
  • % Increased Lighting Damage
  • % chance to Shock
  • Herald of Thunder also creates a storm when you Shock an enemy
  • Herald of Thunder’s storms hit enemies with % increased frequency
  • Take 250 Lightning Damage when Herald of Thunder hits and enemy
Path Of Exile Harvest League Doryanis Prototype Unique
Path of Exile Harvest League Doryanis Prototype Unique

Path of Exile Improvements

Setting out with the goal to impress each league is no easy feat for Grinding Gear Games, crucially it’s not the sole goal they set themselves. Every league the developers look to improve what’s at present in the game just like they did with the melee rework, caster rework and bosses. This time two-handed yielders receive the love.

The changes laid out included modifications to the skill tree that will also include some notables provided by Timeless Jewels, Improvement to Slam skills and Warcrys with some new gems thrown in for good measure.

Additionally, a more stable version of the widely successful Vulkan Renderer will also be available from day one of the league. Vulkan fixes many of the shortcomings of DX11, seemingly fixing lag and spike within the game almost instantly. Naturally, if you’re running the game out of a makeshift bin/toaster combo you should still expect to lag a fair bit.

As always once the new league approaches we’ll provide more details, Path of Exile Harvest Best Builds, Loot Filters and more so stay tuned.