In Path of Exile: Heist, you’re going to recruit clever thieves to help you pull off dangerous Heists. Steal precious artifacts to pay and prepare the crew while you plan for a Grand Heist operation.

Players can dive into the latest Path of the Exile League on Sept. 18. The latest arrival, called Heist, encourages players to thieve their way through challenging strongholds, and reward themselves with some unique items for their troubles.

Exiles can enter a new area named Rogue Harbour in Heist. Players can encounter various thieves here, recruit them to assemble a crew, and make preparations using blueprints for new jobs.

PoE Hiest Contracts

When players combat monsters in PoE, they can come across Markers — a brand-new currency — and Contracts. Using a Marker takes players to Rogue Harbour to appoint Rogue thieves on their contract. Each Contract ushers players to a different facility in which they will work to steal the treasure accompanied by their hired Rogues.

Contracts operate just like maps that represent a heist, with an artifact listed as the primary target and the skills and experience you’ll need from rogues to embark on the heist. You can craft contracts to alter them using standard currency items, as well as increase their difficulty and payout. They additionally produce their own mod pool which can be customized, further modifying each heist’s rewards and difficulty level.

Exiles will want to successfully complete normal heist to inevitably achieve the larger goal in PoE 3.12 – Grand Heists. They take far more in-depth planning and resources, so you need many markers to flow into the operation. Grand Heists frequently require several rogues to handle various wings, control alert levels, and resolve challenges – like a well-considered escape path.

PoE Heist Alert Level

Players need to look out for the Alert meter on their display during a Heist. Cause too much disturbance, and the guards lock the treasure down. Although players may locate and raid treasure rooms within a heist, the primary target is the Artifact. If players can make it to the Item before the guards are warned, they can loot it. But once the artifact is picked up, the guards burst into action. If players succeed in fleeing, they can keep their loot. Yet death would mean leaving behind all the work and effort.

PoE Heist Rewards

Exiles can select five unique prizes at the end of each Grand Heist. Some of these fascinating new items include new systems, like Replica Unique Items and Alternate Quality gems — all new additions to PoE.

Replica Unique Items

These items can be included among the rewards for players in a Grand Heist by reaching the end of each wing. You may have assumed already from the name, but these items are replicas of the unique items found in Path of Exile. Naturally, they are not exactly the same, and while they are based on unique items, they have a range of characteristics that is their own. The Replica Iron Commander bow, for example, possesses strength rather than dexterity, which effects shrapnel ballista rather than siege ballista.

Path Of Exile Heists Rewards
Path Of Exile Heists Rewards

Alternate Quality Gems

Alternate Quality Gems offer a similar concept but for skills. Instead of the standard quality of gems — which increases a certain element of the skill — Alternative Quality Gems are based on the same skill but enhance another aspect. One example, instead of a Gem improving critical strike chance, the Alternative Quality version rather increases the damage caused by attack damage.

Heist Enchantments

Weapon and body armour enchantments provide yet another Impressive Heist incentive, with about 15 enchantment styles and power combinations to match. These enchantments will scale up the item’s properties and are balanced accordingly. Physical modifications, for example, exert an improved effect of 15%, but substantially increased attribute requirements to counterbalance.

New Skills & Mac support!

Once again, Path of Exile, the Heist update comes with numerous quality of life features. Grinding Gear Games improved some of the game’s popular Curses, as well as different types of Steel spells. Path of Exile receives support for Mac OS, too, with Heist. Players won’t have to start anew on Mac, and they can use their Path of Exile account to switch between the game’s two versions, retaining their progress wherever they play.

Void Sphere

Poe Heist Skill Void Sphere
Poe Heist Skill Void Sphere

Splitting Steel

Poe Heist Skill Splitting Steel
Poe Heist Skill Splitting Steel

Call of Steel

Poe Heist Skill Call Of Steel
Poe Heist Skill Call Of Steel

Blazing Salvo

Poe Heist Skill Blazing Salvo
Poe Heist Skill Blazing Salvo

Flame Wall

Poe Heist Skill Flame Wall
Poe Heist Skill Flame Wall

Impending Doom Support & Doom Blast

Poe Heist Skill Impending Doom Support And Doom Blast
Poe Heist Skill Impending Doom Support And Doom Blast

Heist comes to Path of Exile for Windows PC and Mac on Sept. 18, with the console patch arriving slightly later on Sept. 23.

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