Path of Exile 3.6 Synthesis League best starter builds. Two low budget PoE builds from each class.

The Path of Exile Synthesis League is well underway, however, Grinding Gear Games have expanded the game to more users during this time with the Path of Exile game making its way to the PlayStation 4. PoE is now reaching more new players than ever before, which is why we have decided to create this very guide. Below you’ll find 14 of the best Synthesis starter builds for you to try out.

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Selecting a reliable starter build is no easy feat, you first must make sure the build will be viable for nearly all content (Ideally all content.) It has to suit your playstyle, be beginner friendly and fit a budget that you can easily fulfill. To adhere to all these requirements, we’ve selected two PoE starter builds from each of the available classes.


Duelist Best Starter Builds Synthesis League

A.B. Molten Tank

Molten Strike is one of Path of Exile’s most flexible skills, dealing potent single target damage as well as favorable clear speed. The primary goal of this build is to be extremely tanky to comfortably farm any content the game has to offer while maintaining a sufficient amount of DPS.

The notable aspect of this build is the fact that no unique is mandatory and the ones recommended early are easily obtainable for a low price. This build will still work as intended for the most part on very cheap gear. That being said, to fully unlock the build’s full potential you will eventually need to invest in a decent amount of currency.

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Warchief Totem Champion

A trusted budget build for the Totem lovers out there. Choosing a Totem setup as your beginner build is an extremely safe and reliable choice. What causes this build to be great is how tanky you will become in an already “safe” playstyle. You’ll have to start out using Ancestral Warchief until you are able to purchase or find a Vaal Ancestral Warchief.

Stacking life and Elemental Resistances as your main priority for this PoE Starter build means that most items can be found or crafted solo. Naturally, you can purchase better items in trade chat once your income allows, however, it does not define this build.

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Marauder Best Starter Builds Synthesis League

Pure Strength Righteous Fire

RF Builds have stood the test of time throughout their time in PoE. There have been many variations and recreations to Righteous Fire builds and has repeatedly proven to remain a dominant way to clear maps. If you are unfamiliar with the skill, then it’s important to note that you’ll have to adapt over to Righteous Fire later than most builds as you will need to be able to sustain the self-damage caused by RF first.

Prioritizing max life and Strenght rolls on gear helps you sustain RF and become insanely tanky. You will need to acquire a few unique to aid this build along, with the most important being the Rise of the Phoenix Shield. This will push your maximum fire resistance up which massively helps you sustain RF.

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Crit Consecrated Path

Consecrated Path’s playstyle is very much like Flicker Strike but with more control of your movement and does not require items to generate things like Frenzy charges. Selecting the Chieftain ascendancy class allows you to convert Consecrated Path to 100% fire which means you will not have to invest in Avatar of Fire. This also means you can deal damage with other elements still.

The PoE Starter build provides multiple options in terms of weapon setups – dual wield, one handed or two handed setups are viable and each has its own pros and cons. While there are some unique that allows the build to scale better later in the game, the only requirement you need while leveling is a high physical weapon.

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Ranger Best Starter Builds Synthesis League

Fire Elemental Hit Deadeye

Another skill that’s been used in many build setups is Elemental hit due to its diverse damage. This starter build, however, makes use of two unique jewels to prevent Elemental hit from selecting cold or lightning as a choice of damage source. Now that fire is the only element from the skill, all we have to do is scale that one element.

All things considered, this build is not the most budget-friendly available, but the items involved are common and usually available for an affordable price considering what they convey to the build.

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Crit Herald of Agony

Looking for a mean Agony Crawler build? Then look no further than Funroom’s budget variant. Now, I do use the term “budget” very loosely in regards to this starter build as in reality it will cost around 300-400c to be viable for all content.

Agony Crawler already has great base damage even without scaling, and due to the fact that it cannot take any damage, you won’t have to constantly worry about it dying. It does have some drawbacks especially in regards to its slow base movement speed which can cause the crawler to act a little clumsy.

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Scion Best Starter Builds Synthesis League

Ice Nova CoC & Cospri Malice

A world-class eruption of Ice using the Cospri Malice unique. Path of Exile 3.6 did cause this build to take a hit in the damage department thanks to some nerfs but it still remains a very strong build, nonetheless. Using the Cospri Malice, you are able to fill your screen with Ice Novas and Frostbolts!

There are a few unique needed to make this build viable for all content but the main two are Cospri Malice and the Carcass Jack armor. The build comes with multiple variants which require other items but are not mandatory depending on the route and skill setup you decided on.

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Storm Brand Budget Build

Firstly, this build has not been updated for 3.6 Synthesis, however, the build is still perfectly viable and functions as the same. Storm Brand functions strikingly similar to Arc and can zap enemies from screens away, and the beauty is, for the skill to be effective requires very little investment. This Storm Brand build does have high scalability though so once you’ve acquired some riches, there are multiple options available to improve the build’s quality of life.

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Shadow Best Starter Build Synthesis League

Death’s Oath Trickster

Ah Death’s Oath, how I tried and failed to make you viable when you were first released! Luckily since then, the armor has improved quite a bit. Now granting a Level 20 Death aura skill, the armor can now be scaled efficiently alongside popular chaos and damage over time builds.

The purpose of this PoE starter build is to always have the ability to deal good damage even if stunned, frozen or even silenced. Thanks to the Death’s Oath aura you can walk past packs of monsters and just watch them fall. The only important unique needed for this build is a Deaths Oath, however, Allelopathy gloves will heavily help against bosses by using the included level 22 Blight skill.

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Infinite Tinkerer, The Lightning Trap Saboteur

Trappers are in an exceedingly good spot in Path of Exile 3.6 Synthesis. After receiving many buffs and QoL changes over the past few expansions, players that enjoy playing as a trapper can now dish out some serious damage. In this build, you’ll be utilizing the Lightning Trap, though you are viably able to use any trap skill with minor adjustments.

This build is my current personal build and I have to say it has been a blast so far! Extremely safe playstyle, great for bosses and the large area of effect from the buffed Lightning traps effortlessly clears maps. The only must for this build is the Tinkerskin armor. Once you have the Tinkerskin, you effectively have unlimited mana supply to spam traps indefinitely. I, fortunately, self-found a Singularity Mace which has also helped me transition through maps but it’s not required.

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Templar Best Starter Builds Synthesis League

Ele Claw Inquisitor

Another variation of the Molten Strike skill gem. This goes to show the raw power this one skill has. The main purpose of this build is to be well rounded, high life, high resistance, and strong damage output. All without the reliance on expensive gear.

The one item that will greatly help shape the Ele Claw Inquisitor is the PoE Unique Shield Lycosidae. If you have the currency for the shield grab it. It will save investing point into accuracy.

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Elemental Hit Totem

Do you want to destroy all monsters on your screen … and the next screen while chillin’ at a safe distance? Great, this is the perfect Synthesis starter build for you!

Elemental Hit Totems have a great clear speed which makes it good for mapping and Delves. This build utilizes the unique bow Chin Sol, which can be quite a niche. However, for a totem-build, it’s fantastic as it always activates the close range bonuses. This is due to your range being counted as the Totems range.

Keep in mind getting the most out of this build and min-maxing between survivability and damage can become expensive fast.

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Witch Starter Builds Synthesis League

Big DPS Summoner

A build that has been iconic to the Witch class for a long time – The Summoner! You can start this build with as little as 5 chaos, but naturally, to achieve all content more safe and reliable you’ll have to invest a little more.

You can find many variations of a Witch summoner online that uses Zombies, Golems, Skeletons alike, however, this build leans towards the skill Raise Spectre for its damage. You’ll still have plenty of friends to roam around maps with thanks to the support gem Summon Phantasm on Kill. As for items to assist with this witch build, early levels you’ll only need the Bones of Ullr boots for one extra Spectre. With optional luxury uniques like Tabula Rasa or Vis Mortis, if you can afford one.

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Arc Witch – Lightning Caster

Arc has been one of the best league starter skills for a long time now. The ability to deal big damage to enemies screens away with no investment other than the skill itself has kept it as the holy grail of leveling skills. Unfortunately, Grinding Gear Games heavily nerf’d Arc by cutting in half the chain length. No sugar coating things, this hurt Arc builds big time!

It’s not all doom and gloom mind, early leveling with Arc is still top tier and so is end game. Just the transitioning period between early to mid and mid to end that’s now a bit wonky. You will still be able to clear all content and all based on a single skill. No unique defines this build or hidden expensive catches.

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I hope you find this guide useful and are able to find a Path of Exile Best Starter Build Synthesis League that suits your style. Good Luck Exile.