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Halloween is right around the corner! To start celebrating the year’s most frightful night, PoE has launched a weekly sale for an extensive selection of demonic and gory cosmetic effects that should help set the festive mood.

Players can gruesomely select microtransactions from a selection of armour sets, back attachments, pets and more. Over one hundred items will be available at a reduced price. The sale runs throughout the week until November 05. Additionally, the annual Halloween microtransactions, including the Devil Horns, Bleeding Eyes Spider Web Cloak, Spider Back Attachment, Scare Mask and this year’s exclusive Entombed Hideout, are presently available for purchase!

The unfamiliar hideout has a crimson-colored glow and is filled with candles and tombs, creating an appropriate atmosphere of darkness and terror.

These microtransactions will only be available in the store until 4 pm November 11th (NZT). They will not return to the store until next Halloween so seize them, while you can!

If you’re seeking creative inspiration this Halloween, Grinding Gear Games released a video showcasing an impressive collection of outfits perfectly suited for the special occasion. Check out the Path of Exile Halloween Outfits Below:

All Microtransactions showcased in the video:

  • Demon Parasite Body Armour
  • Demon Parasite Gloves
  • Demon Parasite Boots
  • Gore Skull
  • Devil Horns
  • Carnage Wings
  • Ultimate Chaos Sword
  • Ultimate Chaos Character Effect
  • Blood Guard Footprints
  • Demonic Leap Slam
  • Malachai Body Armour
  • Extinction Gloves
  • Extinction Boots
  • Extinction Helmet
  • Bleeding Eyes
  • Extinction Back Attachment
  • Gore Character Effect
  • Grasping Hands Pet
  • Sawblade Blade Vortex Skill
  • Wrangler Body Armour
  • Wrangler Boots
  • Wrangler Gloves
  • Bane Lich Hood
  • Sin Sword
  • Lich Weapon Effect
  • Sin Character Effect
  • Gloom Wings
  • Raven Raging Spirit Effect
  • Vampiric Body Armour
  • Scare Mask Helmet
  • Vampiric Gloves
  • Vampiric Boots
  • Tentacle Wings
  • Ultimate Chaos Character Effect
  • Gothic Horror Ghost Child Pet
  • Malachai Portal Effect
  • Executioner Body Armour
  • Executioner Gloves
  • Executioner Boots
  • Stag Hood Helmet
  • Spider Back Attachment
  • Fire Character Effect
  • Infernal Bow
  • Demonic Split Arrow Effect