l2pbomb’s guide to PoE Legion encounters and what rewards each icon drops.

Path of Exile’s Legion league has got off to a tremendous start and now that the dust has settled we now possess more knowledge of all the new mechanics Legion has to offer. This guide, however, we’ll solely focus on what all the icons represent and the rewards they give once you’ve activated the monolith.

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Unique to the Legion League are monoliths that appear on every map you enter (with some character level constraints). Clicking on the large purple monolith will activate a war between Wraeclast generals frozen in time. Players will then have a specified amount of time to free as many soldiers as possible. Valuable soldiers with icons above their heads indicate a special loot drop. With the imposed time limits, which icons should you aim for and what do the legion icons mean?

Path of Exile Legion Icons

During Legion encounters, soldiers can also drop their general’s Splinter. Once you’ve obtained enough Splinters (100) you can subsequently use the map device to visit the realm of the timeless conflict. Note you will require a minimum of two complete sets of splinters after all an army can’t do battle all by itself. Here are the five different types of Legion Splinters in Path of Exile.

Players can unlock a fifth slot in the map device by completing a timeless conflict against four armies.