Path of Exile Metamorph: Large Patch Coming Soon

PoE Hotfix is live with Patch 3.9.2 on the way.

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Fresh off the festive holidays, Grinding Gear Games have promptly issued a quick hotfix to fix a couple of critical issues that have plagued the Metamorph league. Well-rested, GGG informed players to expect a large patch for 3.9.2 that will address much-needed tweaks to the game. The hotfix addresses specific Atlas Regions ending up in the wrong state after migrating from SSF and various client crashes.

Path Of Exile Metamorph Hotfix
Path Of Exile Metamorph Hotfix

Since the Christmas holidays, active players have been waiting eagerly for a hotfix and ultimately changes to the current league. Thankfully patch 3.9.2 patch notes are expected at some point today. We’ll instantly update this article once the notes are available.

Source: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2732480


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