Path of Exile: Delirium 3.10 release is imminent, presenting fun new interactions, skills and exciting mechanics for Exiles to dive into. For new players, a fresh league expansion can be confusing and just learning how to play the game can become overwhelming. Therefore, we’ve compiled a list of helpful shortcut keys that you should know to quickly navigate your way around the game.

It’s enormously important to familiarise yourself with the Path of Exile UI and how to quickly navigate it. In PoE, to survive you’ll need to add passive skills, upgrade equipment and utilize skills from a massive pool. Getting to know the PoE Shortcut keys will considerably improve your experience with the game and speed up many repetitive functions within PoE.

Note: The list of shortcuts below is NOT every shortcut option the game provides, but a collection of helpful shortcuts for tasks you’ll commonly do regularly.

Gameplay Shortcuts

  • Ctrl+Left-Click on any Masters to bring up their specific dialog screen.
  • Shift+Ctrl+Left click to buy full stacks of currency from a vendor.
  • Ctrl+ left-click on locations/doors and entrances to start a new map instance.
  • Right-click on skills that can level up to remove them from your screen (This is helpful for skills like CWDT, which don’t need to be fully leveled in most cases.)
  • Press V inside Incursions to open temple map
  • Press V inside Delves to open Delve map
  • Spacebar closes most screens in the game.

Chat Shortcuts

  • Ctrl+Enter to reply to the most recent whisper you’ve received. Ctrl up or down to scroll through recent whispers.
  • Ctrl+Shift+Enter to reply to party chat.
  • Shift+Enter to reply to Global chat.
  • Ctrl+Alt+Left click an item to link it in chat.

QoL Shortcuts

  • Hover cursor over stash tabs and use Mousewheel to scroll through all tabs quickly.
  • Use Arrow keys (left-right) to cycle through tabs in the stash.
  • Click to show the stash tab list, right-click on any tab in the dropdown to make it your first tab.
  • When you Shift+Click to unstack currency you also can type the number rather than using the sliders.
  • Shift-Clicking will buy your max amount of Flares/Dynamite from the sulphite machine in Delve.
  • CTRL+C while hovering over an item will copy it’s stats, allowing you to CRTL+V (Paste) them into Path of Building or messaging applications.
  • Ctrl+Click passive points to assign without the message box

In-Game Commands

  • Teleport between safe areas with /hideout /menagerie /delve
  • /passives to see all passive skill points, after the campaign it will show if you are missing any
  • /whois to check a character’s stats
  • /invite to invite to character to the party
  • /reset_xp will reset your XP/hour counter so you can keep track of how well you’re doing. Very useful for when you take breaks so your AFK time isn’t considered into it.