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Another Pokémon has joined the ranks of Build-A-Bear, and this time it’s the turn of Pikachu’s precious little infant and gutsy Smash Bros., Pichu.

With its latest edition, Build-A-Bear has once again expanded the Pokemon range. The store has announced Pichu will accompany Charmander, Meowth, Snorlax, and more. As we speak, you can go ahead and pick up your own Pichu from the Build-A-Bear shop (UK/US). You’ll need to fork out £47/$61 to get Pichu and its lavish set of accessories, or you could simply pick up the plush on its own for £21.50/$29. Adorably, the product page states that the plush can not fit inside the traditional Cub Condo box due to the extra-large ears of Pichu.

Here’s what else the official product description says:

“Welcome, Pichu to the Build-A-Bear family! With its happy smile, extra-large ears and embroidered pink cheeks, this Pichu plush makes a small but powerful addition to any Pokémon Trainer’s lineup. It’s shocking how cute this Electric-type Pokémon looks in its online exclusive bundle which includes a Blue Cape, Repeat Ball Hoodie, 6-in-1 Pichu sound chip and Build-A-Bear Workshop Exclusive Pikachu Pokémon TCG Card!”

Price includes:

  • Pichu
  • Blue Pichu Cape
  • Repeat Ball Hoodie
  • 6-in-1 Pichu Sound
  • Build-A-Bear Workshop Exclusive Pikachu Pokémon TCG Card

Let us know in the comments below if you plan on getting this adorable bear!