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Over the past month, DICE arranged multiple free trials for Battlefield V. Players are able to test run the multiple maps and experience the many game modes Battlefield V has to offer.

The entire game is available to all players for free during the Weekend Trial # 4, starting today and ends on Sunday. All of the Battlefield V: Chapter 5 War in the Pacific additions will also be available during the trial. You’ll typically encounter all facets of the confrontation across land, sea, and air between the U.S. and Japanese armies.

Battlefield 5 Free Weekend
Battlefield 5 Free Weekend

Iwo Jima and Pacific Storm are the two new maps. Iwo Jima is a faithful recreation of the same 1942 Battlefield map. Dice call it an “iconic king-of-the-hill battle with ships, planes, and tanks.” Naturally. Pacific Storm is brand new, but Dice points out that Battlefield 4 fans will “see shades of Parcel Storm’s classic map.” As the name suggests we can expect Battlefields V impressive weather controls to showoff with large downpours interfering with sight.

The free trial is available via Origin until Sunday.