Grinding Gear Games’ latest expansion for Path of Exile has been announced, PoE 3.7 Legion.

Path of Exile 3.7 expansion will kick off in early June, marking the end of the current 3.6 Synthesis league. Below you’ll discover everything we know about the Path of Exile Legion league including start date, 3.7 league mechanics, new unique items, Legion PoE skills and more.

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In the heat of battle, a single moment may fill an eternity… GGG has released the official trailer to the upcoming 3.7 Legion Expansion.

PoE 3.7 Legion League Details

In the Legion league, players will discover the armies of Wraeclast five greatest generals locked in eternal battle inside of the domain of timeless conflict. Fated to war for eternity, players will be able to intervene by freeing soldiers to slay and stealing their spoils!

GGG’s adapted take on the popular breach league, Legion will contain monoliths that once activated will reveal two frozen armies locked in time. Players will then have a short period in which to choose which soldiers they would like to free. Markings can be seen above certain Wraeclast soldier’s heads indicating more valuable loot drops. Once the timer has expired, the armies will disappear except the ones you’ve freed. Be careful as the more valuable the soldier subsequently the most deadly.

Path of Exile Legion 3.7 Expansion
Path of Exile Legion – Timeless Monoliths

Path of Exile 3.7 Legion will equally receive the massive overhaul and rework to melee combat. An undertaking way larger than GGG first anticipated. Technical director Jonathan Rogers broke down all the work that has gone into the Path of Exile melee rework and the effects to gameplay, smoothness, and power it has brought to melee combat.

Here are the key highlights to take from the Melee changes:

Animation canceling – Players will now have the ability to cancel skills instantly within a short time period of the skill’s windup period, better yet, players will also be able to cancel an abilities animation once the targeted enemy has died allowing you to input commands instantly after a kill creating a supersmooth gaming experience.

Instant cast Movement skills – GGG will introduce new defensive movement skills that will help bolster the work achieved with animation canceling. Movement skills now establish the highest priority allowing the player to perform more impactful defensive maneuvers. These skills will be introduced to certain classes at level 4 and will have a short cooldown to prevent them from being used as traditional roaming skills like leap jump.

Melee Skill Scaling – Just like spellcasting skills, melee gems will now come with minor damage scaling to bring the skills more inline and offer more scalability.

Single hits – Extensive work has been done to ensure hits are more reliable and realistic. Striking your weapon can now result in hitting multiple enemies at once depending on weapon range. Readability of certain bosses has also been improved with players only being struck if they are caught in exact positions. The example used in the video above is with Hillock. The boss produces two attacks, one directly in front of him and one in a cone shape swiping from right to center.

CYCLONE – Now a channeled skill, we predict in PoE 3.7 Legion this ability will be extremely popular. Cyclone will grow in size based on weapon range but most impressively can be controlled more precisely. Moving your mouse cursor away from your character will move you around at speed, whereas moving the cursor closer to your character will slow the player’s movement speed. Holding the cursor directly over your character will stop you from moving altogether.

Armour reworked? – A major issue many players have with melee currently in Path of Exile 3.6 represents the lack of protection armor provides characters. Being an unreliable source of protection does nothing to inspire confidence in face-tanking content in melee form. In PoE 3.7 a new skill has been introduced, Steelskin, which will somewhat replace the old Molten Shell skill for early levels. Molten Shell, however, has been reworked to be more useful against bosses. More armour changes have occurred but the specifics are still unknown.

Skill Queuing – Before the rework skill queuing in Path of Exile was not an option due to players being locked into certain commands. This would have created sketchy gameplay and add to an already clunky playstyle. But thanks to the new animation canceling its now possible to queue skills while keeping the gameplay smooth and streamlined.

Accuracy Capped – Accuracy is now capped at 100% instead of 95%. GGG feel there was no need for the lower cap and will allow Resolute Technique to be used for more specific builds.

PoE legion Movement Skills
PoE Legion Movement Skills

PoE 3.7 Legion Incubation Items

As usual, new items will be introduced with the league. In Legion items known as Incubators can be found by freeing certain Legion monsters. Incubation items can be applied to all gear slots and provide rewards after slaying a specific number of monsters.

Path of Exile 3.7 Legion Jewels

Defeating any of the five Legions will present you with a chance for a Legion league specific jewel to drop that can then be added to your passive tree. Each of the five jewels will interact and modify nearby passives in various ways. Only one jewel contains a description at this time.

Glorious Vanity – Bathed in the blood of 5173 sacrificed in the name of Doryani passives in radius are conquered by the Vaal historic.

Glorious Vanity Jewel PoE Legion
Glorious Vanity Jewel – Legion

PoE 3.7 Legion Unique Items

In total, there will be 12 new unique items introduced into the game with the 3.7 Legion update. With an additional 15 existing unique items rebalanced to be more powerful to better suit the new league.

PoE 3.7 New uniques

Only two have been unveiled for now which are.

Aukuna’s Will – Noticeable stats: Raise Zombie does not require a Corpse. Your Raised Zombies count as Corpses.

Maw of Conquest – Noticeable stats: high % increase energy shield, unaffected by Poison and damage taken gained as life.

Three old uniques changes have been confirmed which are.

Voll’s Protector – Now has more Amour and Energy Shield and comes with Inner Conviction which is thought to increase spell damage based on power charges.

Lavianga’s Wisdom – More damage, larger AOE and larger Area damage.

Rathpith globe – Sacrifice 4% of your life when you use or trigger a spell skill. Increased critical strick chance for spells per maximum life. Increase spell damage per maximum life.

PoE Legion Divination cards

There will be 14 new Divination cards added to the new league. Two of which are known the others have not yet been unveiled.

  • Bone Helmet – Elder item
  • Alluring Bounty -10x Exalted Orb

Path of Exile 3.7 Legion Start Date

PoE Legion is set to launch on June 7th, 2019. You can see a live countdown timer on the official Path of Exile website.

As you can expect, there will be many balance changes and tons of skills receiving some fine tuning. Ascendancies will equally receive some changes with more extreme changes made naturally to melee. This will include a new archetype – Blood and Sand Gladiator. Switching between stances at will, players can choose between Blood’s high damage at close range or Sand’s for faster clear speed. But we’ll dive into more of that in our PoE 3.7 Best Builds guide.

Path of Exile Legion League - Blood and Sands Archetype
PoE 3.7 Legion – Blood and Sands new archetype

We’ll keep this guide updated with new developers regarding Path of Exile 3.7 Legion so stay tuned!