Path of Exile 3.7 Legion League patch notes are here and introduces many new and improved mechanics to the game. The amount of work GGG has put into PoE 3.7 is astonishing. Making changes to Skills, Ascendancies, Gameplay, and much noticeable skill tree changes. Below we’ll break down everything the Legion patch has to offer including PoE 3.7 Legion new skills.


PoE 3.7 Melee Rebalance

Before we dive into all the new goodies available in Path of Exile Legion League, let’s first dive into the melee changes that have been a core selling point to the Legion league. GGG’s ambitious attempt at making all melee skills feel viable caused the developer team to suffer a few setbacks which in the long run has worked out fantastically for the fans. The developers were forced to “redo” some of the core functionally of Path of Exile to accommodate for the new melee changes. Here are the core changes to Melee in PoE 3.7 Legion.

Animation Cancelling

In Path of Exile Legion, players can promptly cancel any ability (skills or attacks) at two stages by moving or with the use of movement skills. Stage 1 is before your skill has had a chance to deal any damage and stage two is once the animation has made contact. This is a tremendous change for defensive gameplay, allowing you to dodge any dangerous skill instantly. Offensively, animation canceling will offer little to no benefits as you will be unable to use any other skill until the canceled animation has run its natural course.

Single Target Damage

Single target is no more. In PoE 3.7 all skills possess the potential to strike multiple targets, not in the way melee splash does but thanks to the extensive changes made to melee combat, hits will be determined by what enemies are caught in the natural swing of your weapon.

Early Game Content

GGG has changed a vast majority of early game bosses to hit more accurately. Bosses will only output damage if a player is standing in the damage zone. For most this is a 120-degree cone in front of them. This change will help players to utilize the new movement skills efficiently added to PoE Legion.

PoE Legion 3.7 New Skills

As with every league, new items, skills and reworks feature somewhere on the patch notes Path of Exile 3.7 is no different. Here are all the new Legions skills and their effects.

Active Skills

Steelskin – Instantly reduce incoming damage for a short duration. Shares cooldown with other Guard skills.

This ability is an early game Molten shell (At least a toned down version of the old Molten Shell) and will be a great defensive early game skill.

Berserk – Consumes your rage at an accelerating rate. While active, grants more damage, attack speed, movement speed, and causes you to take less damage. Requires 5 Rage to use, cannot be stopped once active, and only stops when all Rage is consumed.

Bladestorm – Perform a spinning attack, creating an area of effect that repeatedly deals attack damage to enemies within it based on your weapon damage and attack speed. This area of effect is stationary while in Blood Stance and moves forward while in Sand Stance. Requires a sword or axe.

Perforate – Strike the ground with your weapon, causing spears to strike out from the earth. These spears strike your target location multiple times while in Blood Stance, and strike outwards in a large radius from the target location while in Sand Stance. Requires a sword or axe.

Chain Hook – Attacks nearby enemies with a damaging shockwave. If used at a distance, releases a chain that draws you closer to any enemy hit. Generates 1 Rage when you hit an enemy. Requires a one-handed sword, mace or axe.

PoE 3.7 Aura Skills

Blood and Sand – Allows you to switch between Blood Stance and Sand Stance. Deal more melee damage with less area of effect while in Blood Stance, or gain more area of effect while dealing less melee damage while in Sand Stance. Reserves a small portion of your mana.

Precision – Casts an aura that reserves a portion of your mana, and grants you and nearby allies accuracy and increased critical strike chance.

Flesh and Stone – Casts an aura that reserves a portion of your mana, causes nearby enemies to be Maimed while in Blood Stance, and causes those enemies to take increased physical damage. While in Sand Stance, this aura causes nearby enemies to be Blinded and causes enemies not affected by the aura to deal less damage to you.

Pride – Casts an aura that reserves a portion of your mana, and causes nearby enemies to take more physical damage, increasing the damage they take the longer they are affected by the aura.

Path of Exile 3.7 Support Gems

Pulverise – Supports melee attacks, causing them to deal more damage and with a greater area of effect, but with slower attack speed.

Rage – Supports melee attacks, causing you to gain 1 Rage when you hit an enemy with a supported skill, with a short exclusion timer on Rage gain from the support. Supported skills deal added physical damage based on your Rage, adding a significant amount of physical damage if your Rage is above a threshold.

Impale – Supports attack skills, granting them a chance to Impale enemies, increases the effect of Impales caused by those attacks and causes those attacks to deal more physical damage.

Shockwave – Supports melee skills. Triggers a Shockwave skill on a kill that deals attack damage in an area around the slain enemy. Restricts the use of supported skills to maces and staves.

Close Combat – Supports melee attacks, causing them to deal more damage to enemies based on their proximity. Also, causes supported skills to grant a buff on hit, which increases attack and cast speed for the next travel skill you use. Restricts the use of supported skills to axes and swords.

PoE Legion 3.7 Skill Changes

As previously stated the Path of Exile Legion patch has heavily changed many core skills that’s including every melee skill. For that reason, we won’t be covering every ability, however, you can check out the official patch notes if you would like to scrutinize every detail of the PoE 3.7 Legion skill changes. Below you’ll find the most noticeable skill changes in Legion.

Cyclone – We predict this will be the FotM skill for players looking to test run melee in the PoE 3.7 update. Now a channeled ability, Cyclone has received many changes in both the skill itself and direct skill tree benefits. Not only does the skill grow in size from melee attack range, but the ability, in addition, has in-built physical scaling.

Molten Shell – This reworked variant offers some amazing potential in the Legion league. Granting 50 armour at level 1 (from 17) with 75% of damage from hits to be taken from the buff before life or energy shield. Interesting stuff, however, the crazy part is the ability will reflect 100% of the damage taken or when the buff expires up to 1050%… Deadly!

Cleave – Like most Melee Skills in PoE Legion, Cleave has received some minor quality of life changes with added physical scaling and higher damage effectiveness. But it’s not the skill changes directly that make Cleave one of the strongest skills going into Path of Exile 3.7 Legion. Instead, it’s the changes to the Unique Jewel Overwhelming Odds. The Jewel no longer grants increased Area of Effect for Cleave based on the number of nearby enemies, but now grants +1 to Cleave’s radius for each nearby enemy, up to +10. This jewel is now limited to 1. That’s huge!

Dual Strike – Another skill that we firmly believe will be super effective in the Legion league is Dual Strike. The changes have given the skill a substantial increase in damage effectiveness, great critical strike chance with 100% more crit chance against enemies on full life, and gains crit multiplier per 1% quality.

Many skills show great potential in the upcoming league like Earthquake, Ice Crash, and Glacial Hammer which you can check at the Path of Exile Forums.

PoE 3.7 Skill Nerfs

Here are all the skills going into 3.7 Legion that has received some balance changes. Note, until the patch is live it will be difficult to determine exactly how affected these skills will be.

Herald of Agony – Now causes Agony Crawler to deal 6% increased physical damage per virulence you have at gem level 1 (from 10%), up to 12% at gem level 20 (from 19%).

This change definitely hurts, but in my opinion, was needed. You will now need to properly invest in the skill to obtain the most out of potential builds. The Crawler hitting like a truck without any investment was problematic.

Molten Strike – Now has fire damage to attacks scaling but requires you to hit an enemy to produce projectiles and the projectiles pack less of a punch.

Once again, changes to Molten Strike had to occur, especially after all the changes to melee making them overall stronger. But that’s the big question mark right now, how much stronger are melee characters now? If melee players are vastly stronger then these changes won’t mean as much. However, if their strength is barely noticeable than these changes could be massive.

Winter Orbs – Base duration is now 1.2 seconds (from 0 base duration, building solely on stages). 20% reduced target acquisition range. Now fires projectiles every 1.6 seconds (from every 0.8 seconds) and gains 25% increased duration per stage (from +0.4 seconds to base duration per stage).

We all knew changes to Winter Orb were coming, personally, I feel GGG have made a good starting point with this skill in terms of balance, yet I’m certain the skill will be highly used and nevertheless remain a viable option throughout Legion League.

Storm brand – Multiple Brands can no longer “shotgun” enemies with their overlapping area of effect. Now does up to 130% more damage at level 20 from 50%. The base radius of the area of effect is 10% smaller.

I’m unsure how I feel about the Storm Brand changes honestly, for me personally the shotgun aspect is what made the skill ‘cool’ and appealing to me. However, in terms of balance for typical builds, this may cause adverse effects and actually be stronger than it was.

Path of Exile 3.7 Ascendancy Changes

Once again we will exclusively cover the fundamental changes that we believe received the most drastic changes – good or bad. To begin with, we have to start with the new and improved Gladiator Ascendancy. We believe there will be no better Ascendancy to pick when testing out the new melee changes.

PoE 3.7 Legion Gladiator

Noticeable Keystones

Arena Challenger – 2% more Attack and Movement Speed per Challenge Charge. 25% Chance to gain Challenger Charge when you hit a Rare or Unique Enemy while in Blood Stance. Gain a Challenger Charge when you Kill an Enemy while in Sand Stance.

Blood in the Eyes – Attacks have 25% chance to cause Bleeding. Attack Maim on hit against Bleeding Enemies. 10% chance to Blind with hits against Bleeding Enemies. Enemies Maimed by you take 10% increased physical damage.

Gratuitous Violence – Attacks have 25% chance to cause Bleeding. 30% increased Damage with hits and Aliments against Bleeding Enemies. Bleeding Enemies you Kill Explode, dealing 10% of their Maximum Life as Physical Damage. 25% more Damage with Bleeding.

Champion Ascendancy

Noticeable Keystones

Inspirational – 15% increased effect of Non-Cursed Auras from your skills. Banner Skills reserve no Mana. When you create a Banner, it gains 40% of the stages of your placed Banner. You and Allies affected by your placed Banners Regenerate 0/1% of maximum Life per second for each Stage. You and nearby Allies have 12% increased Movement Speed.

Master of Metal – 20% chance to Impale Enemies on Hit with Attacks. Impales you inflict last 2 additional hits. If you’ve impaled an Enemy recently, you and nearby Allies have +1000 to Armour. You and nearby Allies Deal 6 – 12 added Physical Damage for each Impale on Enemy.

Unstoppable Hero – 10% increased Attack Speed while you have Fortify. +1000 to Armour and Evasion Rating while you have Fortify. 30% increased Attack damage while you have Fortify. Cannot be Stunned while you have Fortify.

Now let’s dive into the Ascendancies that have received a visit from the nerf hammer. Before the patch notes dropped we already knew we could expect to see some balance changes to Occultist and Trickster. In Path of Exile 3.6 these two were unsurprisingly the most picked Ascendancies and with good reason. Now that the patch notes are here, have GGG gone too far?

Trickster PoE 3.7 Legion Changes.

Ghost Dance: Now causes you to gain a Ghost Shroud every 2 seconds (from 1).
Escape Artist: Now grants 10% chance to dodge hits from Spell Damage while you have Energy Shield (from 20%), and 6% increased Attack and Cast Speed per Ghost Shroud (from 12%).
Each of the small passives on the Trickster Ascendancy tree now grant 5% increased energy shield (from 8%) and 14% increased evasion rating (from 8%).

Great changes and in my opinion and the perfect way to try and balance overpowered content. Ghost Shroud now at 2 seconds will still be strong but less abusable and more in line with other nodes. Cutting the Attack and Cast speed granted in half, tones down the overall power. 10 percent loss in dodge is painful to see but the changes allow GGG to tweak later on if they choose too.

Trickers remain in a good spot, the nerfs may have been a little too light but nothing GGG can’t fix with a tweak or two.

Occultist PoE 3.7 Changes

Wicked Ward has been removed.
Vile Bastion: No longer requires any Ascendancy notables. It now grants 1% energy shield regeneration per second for each enemy you or your minions have killed recently, up to 10% (from a maximum of 30%). No longer grants +150 to maximum energy shield.
Each of the small passives on the Occultist Ascendancy tree now grant 6% increased energy shield (from 8%).

Now for me, this is a perfect example of how not to balance content. Unlike the Trickster changes, which tweaked values to be more appropriate. Occultist, on the other hand, received a battering. I’m not saying Occultist should have remained untouched, it was an overpowered Ascendancy. But the changes to ES on the Ascendancy and Skill tree I Personally feel is too far, making life-based Occultist the clear path. This I feel undoes the work GGG put into the Energy Shield Rework.

The actual Ascendancy is still good, but others have now surpassed it in usefulness per stat.

PoE 3.7 Legion Rewards

Path of Exile is due to launch on June 7, 2019, with such extensive changes to all aspects of the game, I am super excited to dive into the new league. Let us know in the comments below what build you plan on playing, what changes made you happy or sad and whether the Legion League ticks all the boxes for you!

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