Path of Exile’s Incursion warps you back into the past on a mission to discover the location of the Temple of Atzoatl. The pyramid of rooms that lead to the eventual Temple is comprised of many intricate paths and secrets. Our PoE Incursion guide will cover how to unlock Alva and gain access to Incursions, how to complete Incursions, tips to maximize the best rewards and more.

To kick things off let’s run through how we can access Incursions and what prerequisites are imposed on how and when an encounter with Alva can happen.


Accessing the PoE Incursion

Before we can start shaping and manipulating our Incursion, we will first have to get access to Alva, Master Explorer. This we can achieve by completing the quest line “No time like the Present” in Act 7.

Once you have completed the quest chain you will promptly receive a rare chance to encounter Alva as your running through maps. She will offer you a chance to go back in time, in the hopes of discovering the location of the Temple of Atzoatl in the present time.

It’s meaningful to note, there are some prerequisites before you can encounter Alva. Firstly, she will not appear if the zone you are currently in is 10 levels lower than you or if you are in a Vaal area. Each day you can guarantee an appearance from Alva by using your Atlas of Worlds. A red and green Incursion marker will highlight a single map. Running that particular map will guarantee your encounter. This can happen once per (real time) day.

Alva will offer you a random room of the temple to visit, the room currently selected will be highlighted and you’ll discover all the possible rooms that you can connect to. Hovering on each room will produce more information. After eleven Incursions, the rooms will combine into one grand dungeon forming the Temple of Atzoatl. So now we know how to get access to the PoE Incursion and the Temple of Atzoatl, what’s the goal?

Path of Exile Alva Master Explorer
PoE Master Alva Random Incursion Encounter

Goals of Incursion

We should start with what’s NOT the goal. The little bar at the bottom that fills up labeled “monsters killed” means absolutely nothing in terms of what you achieve in the PoE Temporal Incursion. All this bar indicates is how many monsters are left, which is irrelevant to your primary goals. Many new players are led to believe they have to fill this bar to successfully complete an Incursion encounter. You do not.

Path of Exile Monsters Killed Bar Incursion
PoE Incursion – Ignore Monsters Killed Bar

You have two core objectives once you have entered an Incursion. Priority number one will be to open passages, and the second is to slay one of two minibosses.

Before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s break down how we can prepare for the two goals above prior to entering an Incursion. As we already know, finding Alva, Master Explorer randomly on a map will deliver you access to a single room for a brief period of time. However, the actions you decide on in this room will affect the final layout of the Temple that you end up getting. The main Temple run has no timer and you will have to pick up the loot dropped in this zone before you exit.

Incursion’s limited amount of time means you need to arrange a plan before you enter. Always look at the layout as there’s a couple of crucially important pieces of information here. The red and green circles around room show passages to adjacent rooms.

  • Green Passages are open.
  • Red Passages are closed.

These passages will only be available in the temple, so you can’t access the new rooms from within an Incursion, the important part and goal are to open the passages. If you don’t open a passage, when it comes time to do the Temple of Atzoatl you’ll simply find impassable walls.

PoE Incursion Guide Open and Closed Passages
Path of Exile Guide Passages

To open a passage, you’ll have to find a Stone Passage, which is guaranteed to drop off at least one mob in an Incursion. Try and seek passages that will offer you a path to the final boss or connect to rooms you currently don’t enjoy access too.

Now as mentioned before, there are two primary goals of Incursions. In the middle of the map layout, you will notice two mini squares each with a symbol inside. These represent Vaal Architects within the Incursion. You see, the temple starts with many blank rooms that will have some monster packs but not much else. If you were to only open passages, you would be granted access to these rooms in the main temple but the rewards alone would not be very impressive.

PoE Incursion Guide Open Passages
Path of Exile Incursion Guide.

It’s vital to upgrade these rooms into more exciting things that will add loot or add modifiers to your temple. The rooms upgraded will be indicated in Roman Numerals on the Temple of Atzoatl map. Ranging from generic rooms all the way to tier 3.

To upgrade a room, you’ll need to execute one of two Vaal Architects during the Incursion, which is where those symbols come into play. The symbol with two arrows will let you change that room to something else, while the one that seems like an arrow pointing up will upgrade that room by a tier. So typically before you’ve even entered an Incursion, you’ll want to a have a plan of action in place.

Plan of action:

  • Note which passages you require to open
  • Check out which Vaal Architects you need to kill
  • Plan your route from mini-boss to the closed passage you want to open.
  • Kill monsters to increase your time.
  • Damaging the Architect increases time.

It’s necessary to note, while the plan is comparatively simple, things may not go your way. Once you are in an Incursion, you’ll have very limited time to achieve the goals. Good AOE clear speed is optimal, however, it’s vital not to neglect single damage for the mini-bosses and fast movement speed. Time is added to the countdown whenever you kill monsters or damaging one of the Vaal Architects.

Temporal Incursions can be really intense and often come down to razor-sharp timing that makes them unpredictable and fun. Unfortunately, due to not knowing where the Stone Passage is, it could potentially be on the last monster pack you find, which could cost you the ability to open a single passage that particular run. Saying your prayers to the RNG gods before entering is enthusiastically recommended.

Tip: Building and upgrading an explosive room will grant you access to an item known as Flashpowder Keg. This item can be used to blow up closed passages in the Temple of Atzoatl that you failed to reach during your Incursions. Tier 1 will grant you one Flashpowder Keg, Tier 2 will possess two and Tier 3 will occupy three respectively.

PoE Incursion Guide Path of Exile
Path of Exile Incursion Room

PoE Incursion Guide – Survival Tips

The Temporal Incursions can be incredibly difficult for some to complete this is due partly to the type of damage dealt in each room. Dealing a substantial amount of Chaos and Physical Damage, each room also takes on the current map mods, increasing the difficulty even more. Here are some items that can help you survive the Path of Exile Incursions.

  • Dodge: A tremendous way not to take damage is to simply not get hit. If your current build employs the use of dodge, the Keystone Phase Acrobatics will help immensely. Receiving 30% Spell Damage can mitigate a hefty chunk of damage from Incursion monsters. If the keystone is inconvenient for your current build then you can utilize a Quarts Flask.
  • Chaos Mitigation: Improving your Chaos resistance will naturally make encounters substantially easier. I’d recommend using an Amethyst Flask for a quick 35% Chaos Resistance. If you find that you’re still taking too much damage and do not want to sacrifice skill points then grab yourself a Ming’s Heart.

Best PoE Incursion Room

There are many rooms and upgrade paths to choose from, however, not all of them are worth your time. Picking the best room is completely subjective to each player’s needs. Some may need currency while others are seeking something else. Nevertheless, here are some of the most valuable Incursion rooms in general.

  • Sacrificial Chamber > Hall of Offerings > Apex of Ascension – Sacrifice a unique in return for a random Unique.
  • Gemcutter’s Workshop > Department of Thaumaturgy > Doryani’s Institute – Area contains chest of superior gems.
  • Storage Room > Warehouses > Museum of Artifacts – Area contains chest full of items.
  • Surveyor’s Study > Office of Cartography > Atlas of Worlds – Area contains chest full of maps.
  • Vault > Treasury > Wealth of the Vaal – Area contains chests full of currency items.

PoE Temple of Atzoatl Boss

Path of Exile Vaal Omnitect Location
PoE Vaal Omnitect Location.

The Vaal Omnitect is the final boss of the Temple of Atzoatl. It is in the final room, The Apex of Atzoatl. To be eligible to encounter Vaal Omnitect, you will initially have to path your Incursions to connect to The Apex.

Entering the center of the arena will cause Vaal Omnitect to spawn and the battle begins, be wary, this boss is remarkably efficient. Utilizing several skills, the final boss has multiple stages before you can reap the rewards. Once Vaal Omnitect reaches 50% health, it will become invincible and start to spawn Energised Phantasms. Once spawned they will begin to move towards the Omintect to sacrifice their lives to restore the boss’s Energy Shield. This is the prime opportunity to restore some flask charges.

After this stage, the Omintect will become vulnerable once more and you’ll be able to slay it. It will, however, not be as simple as this. Vaal Omnitect uses several powerful lightning and fire abilities in the hopes of eliminating you from existence. These include Lightning Beams, Flame Throwers, Lightning Waves, Flame Turrets and more.

PoE Vaal Omnitect Survival Guide.

As previously mentioned, the Omnitect uses powerful fire and lightning attacks and so we’ll need to mitigate these types of attacks. The most important specifications to focus would be to reduce the amount of damage taken over time, resist or avoid both fire and lightning abilities and making good use of movement abilities. Here is a list of good items that will help you defeat Vaal Omnitect.

  • Purity of Lightning – Use only if the skill gem is high enough to grant you additional maximum lightning resistance.
  • Purity of Fire – Same as above.
  • Ruby Flask
  • Topaz Flask
  • Arctic Armour – If your build allows for it, Arctic armour can be an admirable way to mitigate some of the damage.

Path of Exile’s Incursion contains gradual intricate stages that if maneuvered correctly can make your Temple of Atzoatl both fun and rewarding. However, before closing out this guide, it’s worth noting that not taking part in a particular encounter with Alva will not change the current room or cost you an Incursion attempt. This is beneficial as the Incursions will take on your current map mods. If you feel the current map, you’re on is too hard for you it’s probably best not to enter the incursion at this time but wait for it to appear on a more favorable map mod.

If this PoE Incursion Guide was helpful to you please share it with your friends or if you have information to add to the guide let us know in the comments below!