Path of Exile’s most recent expansion Synthesis brought about a massive rebalancing to spellcasters. Improving skills, introducing new mechanics and providing players with many viable build options. While the rebalancing has been greatly received by the community, many fans were left angered at the lack of melee changes.

PoE Synthesis Spellcast Changes
Path of Exile Spellcast Changes.

Melee builds have fallen out of favor over the past couple of expansions partially due to low-level clunkiness and repetitive style of play. Thankfully, Grinding Gear Games have confirmed that a major Melee rework is planned for June’s 3.7.0 expansion.


According to a recent developers post, the scope of changes being worked on is considerably larger than that of the spellcasters. With changes to nearly all aspects that directly affect melee combat. Chris from Grinding Gear Games was purposely scarce on the details of the melee rework due to aspects routinely being tested and changed as we lead up to 3.7.0.

Their aim for the PoE melee rework is to make melee characters less “clunky” early by including improvements to the animation system and rebalancing current melee based skills. The changes don’t stop there with many ongoing mechanical changes going through rigorous testing like accuracy and leech.

PoE Melee Rework 3.7
Path of Exile Melee Rebalanced

One possible downside to the melee rework is movement skills may be affected and not for the better. Currently, most melee builds are comprised of a movement skill to jump onto a pack of monsters and then one or two skills to hack down the pack. Rinse and repeat. This being such a traditional aspect to melee players, it’s likely that some movement skills will be reworked as part of the melee changes.

More information on the PoE melee rework will be made available in the upcoming weeks, with more clarity to come after the announcement of 3.7.0 in May.