Path of Exile released the Prophecy mechanic back in version 2.3.2. Predicting the future, Prophecies can grant you valuable rewards. With currently over 200 different prophecies in the game, our guide will help you understand what prophecies are, how to utilize them, and which Prophecies to Seek or Seal.

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What is a Prophecy?

The common misconception surrounding the Prophecy system is the idea that Prophecies represent another wave of quests that a player must complete. This is not the case, once a prophecy has been fulfilled there is no extra reward and no one to hand in the prophecy for completion. The reward is the prophecy itself, now some will be meaningless to certain players and offer little value. If so, you can Seal and sell any that you do not want.

A Prophecy in PoE is a set of conditions given to you that will trigger sometime in the future. Automatically activating once certain conditions are met, prophecies can grant you currency rewards, unique items, additional monsters and much more.

Poe Path of Exile Prophecy
PoE Prophecy

How to use a PoE Prophecy?

When slaying monsters within zones, you will occasionally encounter a Silver Coin as part of their loot drops. This happens on average once per zone. However, silver coin drops are still random which means some zones will drop none while others may drop multiple.

Once you’ve received your Silver Coin, you can trade them into Navali who is available in all the town instances. You must have completed the quest to rescue Navali in The Climb first. One Silver coin will buy you one Prophecy. Clicking Navali and selecting “View your Prophecies” or the default key H, will bring up the screen in which you can view, seek and seal prophecies. Selecting Seek at the bottom will spend one silver coin and add a prophecy to your chart and will now be active. You can have seven active at one time.

How to get Silver Coins Path of Exile PoE
PoE Silver Coin

Don’t think you have to wait till later into the game to start using the prophecy system. While they are generally more rewarding once your character is past Merciless Act 4, there is still plenty of beneficial prophecies as you level. Also, some Prophecy chains (more on that below) need to be completed in earlier zones.

Once a prophecy is active in one of the seven spots, they can automatically activate once the conditions are met. Reading each prophecy will provide you an indication as to how and when they will activate. Some require specific maps and difficulties while others will randomly activate once you enter a zone.

You’ll receive a quest-like indicator on the right-hand side in purple when a condition has been met and a prophesy has been activated. It’s meaningful to note, once the conditions have been met you must not leave the zone until you have fulfilled the prophecy. Doing so will remove the prophecy and all of its benefits, you can portal in and out of the zone, but you cannot start a new instance.

PoE Prophecy Activation Path of Exile
When is a Prophecy Active?

Types of Prophecies

  • Zone modifications: The prophecy will alter the way a zone would usually function by changing the type of creature you’ll encounter.
  • Unique Boss: Usually, in specified locations, you’ll encounter a unique boss. These bosses will function exactly the same as normal zone bosses, dropping loot and granting XP.
  • Hunt Reward: These types of Prophecies will require you to seek a specific type of enemy and kill them. Completing will reward you with a predetermined rarity item.
  • Crafting Prophecies: Grant the player extra benefits the next time they craft the prophesized item. This can add extra properties to an item, changing a piece of armor to 20% quality using one Armourer’s Scrap and so forth.
  • Prophecy Chains: Some prophecies require you to complete multiple stages to fulfill the prophecy. Each stage becomes more difficult and potentially more rewarding for you to fulfill.
  • Fated Unique: Kill the “X” using “X” item, and you’ll receive an extra reward for doing so. Some of the rewards will even upgrade the unique item used into a more powerful unique base.
  • Monster Drops: Defeating a specific group of monsters will drop a specific currency.

When to Seal Prophecies?

For the most part, Sealing a Prophecy should be avoided as the Silver Coin cost to remove a Prophecy is excessively high. However, there are cases for Sealing and here constitutes a few reasons why:

  • To sell a valuable Prophecy or trade in for another.
  • The Prophecy possesses no value to you but may help someone else.
  • When a Prophecy is nothing more than a pain in the ass.
What Prophecy to Seal
PoE Seal Prophecy

It’s also important to note, some Prophecies appear more frequently than others but have little value. I would recommend leaving these one active but never activating them. This prevents you from receiving lower value prophesies like Lost Maps over and over.

Best PoE Prophesy

Below you’ll find the best Prophesies in PoE. If you receive these, they will grant you the best rewards or the most value when selling.


  • Trash to Treasure – You will turn a normal item into a unique item with a single Chance Orb.
  • The Queen’s Sacrifice – You will defeat Atziri, Queen of the Vaal in the Alluring Abyss while holding Atziri’s Mirror.
  • Fated Connection – You will create a fully-linked six-socket item using only Jeweller’s Orbs.


  • Wind and Thunder – You will track down a powerful Galvanic Ribbon in a map who will drop a unique item when slain. (Windripper)
  • A Vision of Ice and Fire – You will defeat Sumter the Twisted while holding Heatshiver. (Upgrades Heatshiver to Frostferno)
  • Vaal Winds – You will discover an area with a Corrupting Tempest
  • Lost in the Pages – You will track down a powerful undying Archivist who will drop a unique item when slain.

Good for early leveling

  • Cleanser of Sins – You will track down a powerful Undying Evangelist who will drop a unique item when slain. (Tabula Rasa)
Path of Exile Best PoE Prophecies
Best PoE Prophecies

So now you know what Prophecies are, how to use them and what ones offer you the most value. It’s now time to go out there and start shaping your future for your character. If you enjoyed this guide please share with your friends or leave a comment below.