Pokémon Go Event is back offering you extra bonuses when hatching eggs

Niantic is celebrating the start of the new year with the much-loved Hatchathon event. Players will have now until 15th January to enjoy the benefits of the Adventure Sync Hatchathon Event. During the event, players can earn double the amount of Hatch Candy and Hatch Stardust everytime you hatch an egg. Furthermore, players will see an increase of receiving 5km and 10 km eggs from PokéStops and Gyms.

Pokemon Go Kicks Off The New Year With Aventure Sync Hatchathon Event Wallpaper
Adventure Sync Event 2019 – Pokemon Go | Niantic

Adventure Sync Hatchathon Event is a brilliant way of storing and collecting Candy and Stardust as they both aid in levelling and Evolving your Pokemon. Typically making them stronger and powerful for those Gym Battles and the new Trainer Battles. We expect lots of exciting things to come to Pokemon Go this year, with more Pokemon releases and more Legendary Bosses to fight.

Time to put your new trainers you got for Christmas to some use and get your incubators ready and start hatching those Eggs.

If one of your new year resolutions is to keep fit an healthy, make sure you turn on Adventure Sync to record and track your weekly fitness summary and achieve your goals.