The Legendary Flying and Dragon-type Pokemon randomly appears as one of the Raid Bosses in Pokémon Go. Rayquaza only make an appearance during special events and therefore it is rare to see the Legendary Pokémon as a Raid Boss. Therefore, you will need to make the most of it when Rayquaza does swoop in if you would like to add the Pokémon to your collection.

To begin with, you will battle the Raid Boss with your chosen selection of Pokémon, preferably choosing Pokémon that can counter the Raid Boss. Successfully defeating the Raid Boss in battle will provide you with the opportunity to try and capture the Legendary Pokémon. Using various tactics with berries and PokéBalls, the Legendary Pokémon could be yours.

TipsPokemon Go: Ultimate Guide To Capture Raid Bosses

Rayquaza Counters

Vulnerable:- Dragon, Fairy, Ice and Rock Types

Resistant:- Bug, Fight, Fire, Grass, Ground and Water Types

The best Pokémon you can use to battle against Rayquaza is Mamoswine that offers powerful Ice-type attacks like Powder Snow and Avalanche.

If you do not have Mamoswine in your collection, good backup counter Pokémon are Weavile and Mewtwo who uses Ice-type moves. Mewtwo primarily has Psychic-type moves but there is a chance Mewtwo can learn an Ice-type move, Ice Beam. Hugely advantageous when you are against Rayquaza.

There are a couple of tank Pokémon counters to make sure you are more durable during the battle. Use either Dialga that focus on Dragon-type moves or Regice with Ice-type moves.

Some Pokémon in Pokémon Go require a Sinnoh Stone to help the Pokémon evolve. Making them bigger and stronger and will aid you in Raid Battles. Check the two guides below to make sure you are fully prepared.